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So what is next?

The American real estate sale

Bill Turner, Boise Conservative Examiner

America, no longer a country, just a piece of real estate brokered through the global MLS (Multiple Listing Service). For decades Americans have been nudged towards the unthinkable, surrendering sovereignty to foreign governments and not just any foreign governments, but communist governments. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have pushed this agenda, at the state and federal level, through a variety of programs, all of which have been designed to push the people of America into gradually accepting the invasion of the Chi-Com’s.

Continue reading on The American real estate sale - Boise Conservative | The May 18th, 2010 edition of the Idaho Statesman included an article about a twenty three person delegation from the Guangdon Provence in China, visiting The Core in Idaho. The Core is a Trojan Triangle (An area selected for its transportation, education and community allegedly). The Trojan Triangle is really an area that contains the ability to become a Foreign Trade Zone, qualifies for the federal EB-5 program (A program that allows non US citizens to invest a million dollars in a business, and be fast tracked for citizenship, well ahead of others) and are TEA Zones (Targeted Employment Zones). The EB-5 visa program was created in the Immigration Reform Act of 1990, the year that many experts state, was when the decision was made to dissolve the United States as a free and sovereign nation. The question that the Idaho Statesman failed to answer is, “What does a twenty three person delegation from China want in Idaho?”.


The delegation wants the same thing the other Chi-Com’s want, access to American resources, tax breaks, and now, stimulus money. The Core in Idaho has been designated as an “Intermodal Commerce Zone”. The Intermodal Surface Transportation Act of 1991 was another nudge towards surrender of sovereignty. Intermodal Commerce Zones are inland ports, management areas, off the tax rolls and governed by a board of directors or Port Authority. There is no real accountability or oversight of these ports, due to the fact that they are off of the tax rolls. Combine the ease of citizenship through the EB-5 program, the availability of stimulus funds and tax breaks, and it makes sense for the communist Chinese to invade America. Globalists who are courting these Chi-Com’s know that all companies in China are owned by the Chinese government or military, but they all make vague statements about them doing business with companies, not countries. Idaho’s Governor, Butch Otter, made the same vague argument both directly and indirectly, through his minions at the Idaho Statesman, when challenged on his dealings with the Chi-Com’s. Governor Otter has made his Project 60, an economic and development plan to take Idaho’s Gross Domestic Product from fifty two billion dollars a year to sixty billion dollars a year, a key platform of his leadership. However, a key component of Project 60 is the EB-5 program and the invasion of Idaho by Chi-Com’s and other countries. Governor Otter and his supporters deny the pay to play aspects of the EB-5 program, but then turn around and use that same program as a key marketing component of his Project 60, a fast track to American citizenship. To go with the EB-5 program and the Intermodal Commerce Zones in Idaho, Governor Otter has either lobbied for or not protested the fact that almost the entire state of Idaho is now a TEA Zone, allowing him to facilitate the invasion of the Chi-Com’s. Governor Otter has managed to offer tremendous incentives to the Chi-Com’s.

An August 8th, 2010 article in the Real Estate Section of the Idaho Statesman described two businessmen, Raymond Ku from Taiwan and Sima Muroff, a Russian, who are, as of the date of that article, actively engaged in selling Idaho “investment opportunities” globally with the EB-5 program as the carrot on the stick, all the while, these two are making money through fees and commissions on facilitating the EB-5 program, in conjunction with real estate commissions. To deny that Idaho isn’t being sold to the Chinese and other countries is to deny the existence of air. Raymond Ku made millions getting people out of Hong Kong before the communist takeover of 1997. Mr. Ku currently has a network of over fifty immigration/investment centers spread across China, to facilitate his communist clients coming to America.

This is not an issue that is solely an Idaho issue. Thirty five of the fifty (or fifty seven if you are B. Hussein Obama) states have at least one Chi-Com taking advantage of the American Real Estate Sale. Should someone stand up to the government and blow the whistle on the sale or outright give away of American technology to China, one can expect false criminal charges and/or an outright beating. In July of 2011, the NGA (National Governors Association) met in Salt Lake City Utah. The first day of the meeting consisted of one on one meetings between the communist Chinese Provence leaders and the governors of each state in America. The meeting was closed door and involved one on one arm twisting by the Chinese. All the usual Quislings were present at this event. And, as evidenced by a CSPAN video (pay attention to the hand gestures used, as they are a skillful way of manipulating people, that is rarely taught at anything but intelligence agencies), at the winter NGA meeting, should a tough question be posed, it will not be answered, even if someone must pull a fire alarm.

Although this seems overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. If each American emails their governor and asks why they are involved in selling their states land, resources and sovereignty to foreign nationals, then takes the written response to the local media, on a slow news day and take multiple copies to your Central Committee meeting for your political party, and spread the news. The more people who know, the harder it will be for those who seek to destroy America to accomplish their evil goals.

Stay tuned for more about the Chi-Com’s in America and Hoku in Idaho.

Bill Turner


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