Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last we checked Avigdor Lieberman doesn't support overthrowing the US government...

Z Street

01/22/12 There have been recent reports that US officals do not want to meet with Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, and are especially loathe to be photographed with him. Presumably the US officials do not want to have pictures show up anywhere that might suggest they agree with, endorse, or have anything to do with Lieberman. Well, given how photos can be manipulated, and the need for representatives of the US government not to look as if they cavort with "nutjobs" or, heaven forbid, "racists" (as they apparently are convinced by the msm that Lieberman is), can you really blame those officials? Heck yes! Lookie here: at a January 18, 2012 picture of the US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, looking all happy and gushy over the appropriately named Mohammed Badie, the supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Is Badie as bad as Lieberman? Well, yes. He not only wants to rid the world of Israel and the Jews, he also hates America and wants Arabs to stand together and rise up against "Zio-American arrogance and tyranny," and predicts the fall of the United States because it is "a nation that does not champion moral and human values." Challah gives all the details here.

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