Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dutch comedian faces off against three Muslim female talk show hosts insulted by his ‘Islamophobic’ remarks

 Note: This post is about freedom of expression-the comedian raises several important issues that should be finally confronted by all of us here in the West.  I find it refreshing that this person has the courage to be confronted by three women who practice Islam. Click on the above and watch this 7 minute video-subtitles are available by clicking on cc-let me know your thoughts

 Dutch comedian Hans Teeuwen tries to explain the concept of satire and freedom of speech to this three-woman baghead brigade, as they demand he justify his insults to Islam and especially the vulgar things he said about them in his routine.

Although his work is typically devoid of politics, in real life Teeuwen has repeatedly and openly acted as a fervent supporter of freedom of speech, especially after his good friend Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered by a Muslim who was enraged over Van Gogh’s documentary about Islam – ‘Submission.’ The women are especially bent out of shape over remarks about them (something about punishing himself with a blowjob from the Halal TV Girls) he made at the unveiling of a statue in memory of Van Gogh.

Keep an eye on the Muslim with the beard in the audience who doesn’t look too amused. Perhaps he’s thinking it’s time for a Theo Van Gogh, Part 2?

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