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British Apartheid

Written by Gamaliel Isaac   4-8-13

As spring approaches and poisonous copies of the so called Israeli Apartheid Wall sprout at Western universities during Israel Apartheid week, and advertisements accusing Israel of apartheid are posted at Metro North stations it is worthwhile to consider not only the apartheid policies toward non-Muslims existing in Muslim countries but the growing apartheid developing in West. Since the latter is hardly ever mentioned, I will focus on it in this essay, especially apartheid in England. There are countries in Europe where apartheid is worse than England such as France and Sweden but a news item from England was the inspiration of this essay and so I will focus on it. England is where a member of parliament, George Galloway walked out of a debate with an Israeli because the Israeli, as Mr. Galloway put it, was ?a supporter of the apartheid state of Israel.? Israel does not have an official policy of apartheid the way South Africa did therefore those  who like Mr. Galloway, accuse Israel of being an apartheid state loosely define apartheid as policies that separate Jews from Arabs. Since Jews and Arabs live together in Israel the accusation is levied against Israel on the grounds of the separation wall that separates Palestinian snipers from Israeli civilians as well as the predominantly Jewish population of Jewish settlements. In this article I will apply the same loose definition of apartheid that Mr. Galloway applies to Israel, to England.

In 1290 King Edward I, separated British Christians from Jews by issuing an edict expelling all Jews from England. Jews were only allowed back in England 350 years later because the civil wars in Britain had hurt the economy and Oliver Cromwell hoped that importing Jews would help the economy recover. Contrary to popular belief, England and not Germany was the first European country where Jews had to wear an apartheid badge that distinguished them from non-Jews. Massacres against Jews, such as the massacre of York in 1190, took place in England hundreds of years before the Nazis even existed.
British Apartheid was not limited to Jews. During the second Boer War, the British, in a form of brutal apartheid, separated Boer civilians from the general population and put them in concentration camps, where many children died due to poor hygiene and lack of food.
The British enforced apartheid in Palestine. During the British mandate, Muslims living in the Middle East did not want Jews living in their midst and in the 1940s put pressure on England to stop Jews from escaping to Palestine. British war ships enforced Islamic apartheid and blocked Jews on floating wrecks from landing on the beaches of their Biblical homeland. While Mahmoud Abbas says that no Jews will be allowed to live in a future state of Palestine, Catherine Ashton, the British High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the European Union, speaks out against Jews building homes in Judea and Samaria.
Today, a new form of apartheid is taking hold in Great Britain. Over 600,000 ethnic Brits have moved out of London alone over the last decade, many to escape the Islamization of the areas of London in which they grew up. That number is about equal to the number of Jews expelled from Arab lands since 1948.
Muslims are only 5% of the population in England yet one in 5 inmates in high security prisons are Muslim and 1 in 5 teenage crimes are committed by Muslims. Muslim children are persecuting children in British schools, in fact in February, a 9 year old British boy committed suicide rather than face continued persecution by them. In 2007 a 15 year old schoolboy named Henry Webster was beaten with a hammer by a huge gang of Muslim pupils and was left brain-damaged. Since then the school was the scene of numerous violent incidents involving Muslim youth. Muslim men threaten British schoolgirls daily. Muslim gangs have raped young British girls and forced them into prostitution. Women are being told to cover up in Islamic garb or else.
Muslim Patrols have been accosting residents in London, demanding they abide by the laws of what they claim to be Muslim areas. Posters have been appearing in England which read: ?You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone ? Islamic rules enforced.? Dr Michael Nazir-Ali the Bishop of Rochester said that if a lost Englishman enters a Muslim no go area he is beaten up for trespassing. Mark Tapson wrote that In the Tower Hamlets in East London ? or as the Muslims there refer to it, ?the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets? ? imams known as the ?Tower Hamlets Taliban? issue death threats to unveiled women, and gays are attacked by gangs of young Muslim men. Muslims Against the Crusades has launched an ambitious campaign to turn twelve British cities into independent Islamic states, including Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and what the group calls ?Londonistan.?

A large percentage of Muslim immigrants who enter the European Union arrive via Greece. Greece has built a fence to keep them out that is patrolled by the European Union. One would think that if Europeans patrol the Greek fence, they would understand the need by Israelis for a fence. One would think that a non-Muslim Briton who had to flee his home because it became a no-go area claimed by Muslim immigrants, would be skeptical of Muslim claims that Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria belong to them. One would expect that British victims of Muslim riots would sympathize with Israeli victims of the Palestinian Intifada. One would think that having been victims of Muslim terrorism the British would sympathize with Israeli victims of Muslim terror.

Instead one finds rampant hostility in England and the rest of Europe to the state of Israel. Not only that but a European Commission poll of 7,500 Europeans found that 59% believed that Israel is the top threat to  world peace, ahead of countries such as, Afghanistan and Iran.
Britons, instead of worrying about the Israeli ?apartheid? wall, would be wise to worry about what measures England can take to protect its citizens from the growing threat of terrorism. Instead of demanding that Israel keep Jews from moving into Judea and Samaria these Britons should worry about being forced out of their own communities. Instead of worrying whether an Israeli builds a home in Jerusalem the British would be wise to worry about the giant mosque being built in their neighborhood. Instead of demanding that Israel flood itself with Palestinian refugees, the British should concern themselves with the rising population of Muslim extremists in England. Instead of condemning Jews for being the greatest threat to world peace they should remember that buried under mountains of Iran, every moment of the day and night, centrifuges are spinning.
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