Thursday, November 28, 2013

No Agreement on Starting Date for Iran Deal

(AP-Washington Post)
    The UN will probably not begin expanded inspections under the Iranian nuclear deal until early next year, officials said Wednesday.
    Even then, they will be limited to sites the Iranians have confirmed and not those critics suspect may exist secretly.
    Officials involved in negotiating the Geneva deal say there is still no start date. They say the IAEA must verify that Iran is keeping its end of the deal before the clock starts ticking down on the agreement's six-month time frame and the start of sanctions relief.
    IAEA head Yukiya Amano may not submit a plan on verification until January because of the upcoming holiday period.
A Most Dangerous Deal: The Iran Agreement Does Not Address the Nuclear Threat - Yaakov Amidror (New York Times)
  • Just after the signing ceremony in Geneva on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran declared that the world had recognized his country's "nuclear rights." He was right. Iran made only cosmetic concessions to preserve its primary goal, which is to continue enriching uranium.
  • With North Korea, too, there were talks and ceremonies and agreements - but then there was the bomb. This is not an outcome Israel could accept with Iran.
  • The deal will only lead Iran to be more stubborn. Anyone who has conducted business or diplomatic negotiations knows that you don't reduce the pressure on your opponent on the eve of negotiations. Yet that is essentially what happened in Geneva.
  • And while the Obama administration maintains that the military option is still on the table in case Iran does not comply with the new agreement, that threat is becoming less and less credible.
  • Supporters of the agreement emphasize that future inspections in Iran will be frequent and strict. But if the Iranians decide to deceive the inspectors, they will succeed; they have in the past.
The West has surrendered its most effective diplomatic tool in exchange for baseless promises of goodwill. The Geneva agreement has made the world a more dangerous place. It did not have to be this way.

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