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How to fight Islamist terrorism

,Toronto Sun
Members of the emergency services work at the site of a bomb blast on a trolleybus in Volgograd December 30, 2013. (REUTERS)

While fireworks lit up the New Year sky over much of the globe, a different type of fire was burning in the Islamic world.

Death and destruction rained down as jihadi terrorists caused mayhem from Mindanao in the east to Volgograd in the west.

Churches blew up in Iraq, hundreds of cars were torched in Paris, 50,000 books burned in a library in Lebanon and in Mogadishu, a hotel was stormed, leading to a dozen deaths.

As explosions ripped across Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan, some billionaire Saudis and Gulf Arabs seemed only too happy to foot the bill of this jihad, ensuring their ringside seats in paradise.

On New Year’s Day, a senior citizen asked me in exasperation, “what can we do to fight this cancer?”

Here is my response to her:

As a first step we will have to unlock our language and learn, once more, how to call a spade a spade. The worldwide cancer of terrorism by some Muslims is inspired by the teachings of Islam. To deny this fact is intellectual dishonesty.
As long as you, and the rest of the non-Muslim world, permit Muslims to tippy toe around the doctrine of “armed jihad”, you won’t be able to take the second step, that is, confronting this death cult ideology on its merits, while resisting the temptation to be xenophobic and thus wrongly develop a hatred towards all Muslims.
In fact, the hatred and bigotry pumped out by some right-wing, anti-Islamic groups are exactly what the Islamists desire.
Such foolishness is causing all of us tremendous damage.
The solution is to stand steadfast in defending our liberal, secular values and refuse to give an inch to accommodate medieval concepts of Islamic supremacy, couched as religious freedom.
Do you remember the Cold War?
There was not a single western mainstream politician who was not clear about his or her opposition to the curse of communism — both the Soviet and Chinese versions.
From Labour to Conservative in the UK, Democrat to Republican in the US and Tory to Liberal in Canada, there was no dissension in the national consensus that communism and the USSR were a real threat to the liberty of the individual, as well as society.
Today, there is no such agreement.
In fact, the opposite seems true.
Today, the single largest sponsors of the Islamic jihad being waged against western civilization come from within Saudi Arabia.
Yet western countries consider Saudi Arabia their “ally.”
Our politicians and corporate leaders may have no spine to stand up against Islamofascism, but I am certain that we still have the power to “stand on guard for thee”.
As a practical measure, take these three demands to your MP and MPP:
1. Revoke the charitable status of any mosque that engages in Islamist politics.
2. Boycott events where women are segregated.
3. Charge clerics who in their sermons pray for victory of Muslims over infidels.
Chances are you might run into a brick wall, but trust me, if you chip away, you and I can smash it.
Today, Islamists are laughing at us.
While our politicians and corporate heads “accommodate” their medieval, supremacist agenda to tap vote banks or market shares, the Islamists are nibbling away at our foundational values.
Speak up now or the explosions in Volgograd may turn into the death-fields of Stalingrad.

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