Sunday, May 18, 2014

Op-Ed: Jews Against Israel

"Ashamed Jews" identify only with Jews who define themselves as victims. They consider Israel racist and libel the state. Meotti has exposed them.

I have just published a new book in Italian titled “Ebrei contro Israele”, Jews Against Israel (Salomone Belforte Edition, 2014). The book tries to unmask and demolish the members of the global Jewish establishment who are waging a new war against Israel and its people.
I listed the names and exposed the past libels against the State of Israel of US historian Tony Judt, Italian writers Primo Levi and Natalia Ginzburg, Argentinian journalist Jacobo Timmerman, French scholar Maxime Rodinson, German activist Daniel Cohn-Bendit, British cultural critic George Steiner, US playwright Tony Kushner, British historian Eric Hobsbawm, Holocaust survivor Stephane Hessel, US journalists Peter Beinart and Thomas Friedman, French scholars Pierre Vidal-Naquet and Edgar Morin, Polish essayst Zygmunt Bauman, US jurist Richard Falk and British Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature Harold Pinter.
The list also includes heads of NGOs, judges like Richard Goldstone and newspapers such as Haaretz.
Every day, these famous Jews, who also profess the need for Judaism to assimilate in the global environment, describe Israel as a “racist”, “depraved” and “inhuman” entity which must be dismantled. Many of them have assumed key roles in the campaign to boycott the Jewish State.
This Jewish anti-Semitism is one of the most effective forms of de-legitimization of the Jewish State in the world. My book denounces the awesome responsibility of these so-called “Jewish intellectuals” who betray the small and beleaguered Israel in the self-righteous hope to "save" and distance
Jews... invented the dangerous comparisons between Zionism, Nazism and Apartheid. Muslims didn’t invent these. Jews did it.
themselves from the world's anti-Semitism.

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