Saturday, June 07, 2014

It's time for Israel to stop apologizing!‏

The essence of the immoral world Vs Israel: Israel should send to the U.S. bureaucrats the Hamas charter -- a political platform that mainly consists of killing Jews, whenever and wherever they are, and the negation of all agreements and compromises, except wiping out Israel. The labeled by the West as "moderate" Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas found comfort in the embrace of this band of murderers, nit to forget that he is a terrorist wearing a suit as a disguise.  All over the world, hundreds of innocent people are killed every day by Islamists but 1,800 new housing units in Israel bothers the Americans, the EU and the UN! How shameful! This is what the world is all about, a bastion of immorality in which Israel has to swim and navigate as she is its main target. Unbelievable!

The bitter truth Israel has totally refused to face is that the political groups around her are totally not interested in peace or even territory to establish their own state, but in implementing the cause of the Arab-“Palestinian” movement that is the basis of its existence from its inception -- the absolute nullification of the Zionist entity its result is the State of Israel. What more evidence does Israel needs, the West requires?
The CURE: It is time for Israel to first stop the delusion, then stop finding solutions to the insolvable and then stop apologizing.
Judea and Samaria are not negotiable real estate; Judea and Samaria have never been and are not Arab-“Palestinian” land; at the very most there is debate about them because Israel created the debate instead of creating facts on the ground in 1967-68.  Though so many years later, Israel must now demand full ownership of Judea and Samaria because it is the Jewish people historic, legal, and religious rights to this land, greater than those of Saeb Erekat, Mahmoud Abbas and their Islamofascists gang.
Israel WAKE UP: The fight to legitimize Israel’s hold on the land and its existence on it is not new! In summation it greatly depends on Israel’s determined activity and a righteous stance. The government in Australia saw the light and went ahead and changed the definition of construction in east Jerusalem; it is no longer construction in an "occupied territory" but in Israeli territory, the Jewish people's only homeland. Time for Israel to build and build and build in Judea and Samaria and if the world gets mad as they always do the answer is: It is not occupied territory, it does not belong to the Arabs, never did. It is Israeli territory, the Jewish people's only homeland. And with it each time an illegal Arab constructions takes place, destroy it as well as take down all the illegal constructions Israel allowed the Arabs to erect since 1967. ONLY facts on the ground will strengthen Israel stance, not talk, complaining, asking for pity and being allowing to be disrespected and its tights ignored.
Nurit Greenger
It's time to stop apologizing
 Friday June 6, 2014  | Dror Eydar

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