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How the West Was Lost?

amie Glazov
FrontPageMagazine.com | 9/30/2008

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Hasan Mahmud, the Director of Sharia Law at the Muslim Canadian Congress. He played a vital role in the successful movement against the Toronto Sharia Court. The court had been established in 1991 (and functioning since then) with the blessing of Ontario law and was banned in 2003 when the Ontario Government enacted a new law banning all faith-courts. He has authored books, debates, docudramas and a DocuMovie on Sharia. He has also spoken on Sharia in various conferences in Europe, North America and Asia FP: Hasan Mahmud, welcome to FrontPage Interview.

Mahmud: Thanks and Salam to all. It is sad that we are forced to spend part of our resources and attention to address man-made problems when millions suffer due to natural calamities such as food-shortage, famine, epidemic, unemployment, earthquake, Tsunami and so on.

FP: We’re here today to discuss Sharia Law and your group’s opposition to it. Let’s begin with why you, as a Muslim, oppose Sharia Law.

Mahmud: Sensible Muslims always rejected it for its content and spirit. Many of its laws are against women, non-Muslims, justice, logic and reason. In spirit it is not a benign law-system; it is the malignant inspiration of creating global theocracy. It launched an informal permanent war against the world’s non-Muslims. The Sharia-Gurus know that we are able to prove how deceptive and fraudulent the institution of Sharia Law is. That is why they turn down all our requests of public discussion. By the way, “Guru” (teacher) is a respectable word.

FP: Who are the Sharia-Gurus?

Mahmud: They are self-appointed brokers of God who have no place in Islam. They legitimize violence by divinity and mortgage world-Muslims to psychological imperialism of oil-Sheikhs. They destroy human lives through on-line Sharia-courts, they sit in your state-machines and they are not idle, they control thousands of Islamic organizations and mosques, they breed home-grown piranhas out of innocent youths.

State-Gurus such as OIC including KSA, Pakistan and Egypt are champions of violators of human rights but sit in the HR Commission of the UN. Then there are numerous non-Muslims Sharia-Gurus such as John Esposito, Dalia Mogahed and Noah Feldman. Their flawed and misleading books and articles on Sharia Law are highly frustrating to see.

FP: Why do the Sharia-Gurus want to incorporate Sharia Law in the West? What exactly do they want?

Mahmud: Establishing Sharia-based global Islamic State is their God’s command. For early Muslims, Plan A was military victory that ended with their defeat in France in 732 AD. Plan A failed permanently and now that conquering Muslim majority countries is almost complete, Plan B emerged to incorporate Sharia law in Western countries to turn those into Islamic states, at least partially. It worked well.

FP: Is the West losing badly?

Mahmud: Well, the West has not lost, it is only passing through a phase. True that it is experiencing a deadly Trojan horse, but the West is more than laws. Given that nothing is perfect, the West has tremendous strength in terms of science, technology, knowledge, morality and human rights, all protected by the enormous umbrella of freedom – freedom of thought and expression, freedom to research everything including divinity, freedom to disagree and dispute, freedom to change or leave religion and freedom to offend.

This is diametrically opposite to the spirit of Sharia Law – which has fragmented Muslims forever. No jurist Imam wanted it, nor did they allow their personal research to be enacted as State Law or claimed divinity. Documents tell us who killed Imam Shafi’i, who did not spare even Ka’aba and built four arenas in its four corners for separate prayers of four schools of Sharia Law.

Documents tell us who prohibited marriage between Hanafis and Shafi’is. These documents are not from Dr. Ali Sina or Robert Spencer or Ibn Warraq but from their own. Conspiracy and violence are Sharia's driving forces.

FP: Tell us why Sharia Law is false and not Islamic.

Mahmud: Proof is everywhere in all Sharia books and in the reality of the past and present. Let’s begin with common sense. Can violence be part of a religion? Can instant divorce by husbands be divine? Can Kisas Law that protects killers of Honor Killing from death sentence and thus encourages Honor Killing be divine? Can the legal requirement of four Muslim male adult witnesses to prove rape be sane? Can a ban on women state heads be divine? Who creates laws to legitimize lying and killing opponents to achieve its goal? Ask yourself, who creates laws to protect criminals of genocide from corporal punishment? Who kills Muslims for having a different view about Islam? Can the sources of the horror of FGM - two Sharia Laws, two Sahi Hadises (Prophet’s Examples) and the list of enormity against Islam (e.g. not doing FGM) be divine?

It is a fake Islam Jamie; it is a devil in Islam’s disguise. When the Taliban destroyed the Buddha-statue in Afghanistan they only followed a Sahi Hadis. When they plan to conquer the West by breeding they simply follow another Sahi Hadis.

All these are fake Hadises. Our Islam says that that even if I don’t beat my wife for her perceived disobedience, or I don’t marry another woman, or I don’t apply my authority of instant divorce, my rights to do so are a criminal violation of her rights and dignity. I’ll show you some evidence and you do the math.

1. The powerful Caliph did something wrong and all palace-clergies supported him. Imam Hanifa scolded the Caliph on his face publicly – (“The Four Imams” by Abu Zahra, a massive famous book on our Jurist Imams).

2. Muslim Caliph kept Imam Hanifa imprisoned for long; broke his bones by beating and ultimately killed him by poison in prison – (Ibid – and other books on the Imam).

3. “Head of Islamic State cannot be charged for murder, theft, adultery, drinking” – (Law # 914 C of Vol 1, Codified Islamic Law - basically Hanafi Law- published in 1998).

4. Same law – (page 188 of Hedaya the Hanafi Law).

Sharia-Gurus want us to believe that for those crimes the Imam prescribed punishments for commoners but protected the Caliphs, the same Caliphs who broke his bones and killed him in prison. The whole Sharia doctrine is full of such nonsense. How this law entered Hanafi Law book, then? Look at the evidence and do the math again. You will find similar info in other Muslim sources.

5. “(Imam Hanifa) wrote little himself, but his disciples preserved his teaching for posterity, while the later jurists, who developed slightly different theories, founded new Madhhabs. - (“Islam, A Short History – Karen Armstrong – page 49).

6. The very first official compilation of Hanafi Fiqh by a ruler was done after one thousand years of the Imam, by Indian monarch Aurungzeb in 17th century – (Preface - Codified Islamic Law Vol 1).

7. All four Sharia laws were shaped by others than the respective Imams, sometimes after centuries. “Musnad Hanbal was compiled after his death….with addition of several thousand traditions”– (“Muslim Jurisprudence and Law of Crimes – Dr. Meer Waliullah - Principal, Law faculty, Peshawar University, and other sources).

Is it acceptable if someone comes up with Shakespeare’s literature long after his death and the political power-conspiracy has every scope and necessity to play with it for centuries? Many Sharia Laws tell us that bogus and corrupt writers constructed the Sharia-palace in the names of Imams. Today it is impossible to know who wrote what. But the bottom-line is many Sharia laws violate Human Rights and punish the victims.

FP: How successful are Islamists in their attempt to impose it on Westerners to date?

Mahmud: Well, let's tell it like this:

First, they acquired stunning expertise of taking advantage of the Western system to destroy the Western system.

Second, their expertise of using the Western system to silence their opponents including Human Right activists and non-Sharia Muslims like us, is telling.

Third, they succeeded in obtaining support of some religious, political and social organizations and leaders who trust the word “God’s Law” -- but have no clue of its content, spirit and devastating impact.

Fourth, they created a massive network of “Islamic” organizations, pressure-groups, lobby-groups, charity, civil-rights, human-rights, women-rights, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV-shows, conferences, seminars, gatherings, sermons and partial social culture of observing Sharia law. The West is yet to match this Tsunami. It needs to find a legal way to stop this invasion.

Fifth, their support of Petro-Dollars cannot be stopped by enacting laws.

Sixth, they avoid discussion and debate with progressive Muslims who can expose their conspiracy. On the other hand, “Dialogue with Jews-Christians” is their successful tactic to buy time.

Seventh, they succeeded in exploiting the West’s Multiculturalism as protection.

Eighth, their birth rate is higher than Westerners and may have some potential impact.

Ninth, the West is yet to develop a system to control local Sharia-supporting Muslims and their immigration.

Tenth, and most important, they succeeded in terrorizing their opponents. People, media, organizations -- even governments -- were either punished or had to back off because of Islamists' pressure.

FP: Can you give some examples of threats on our territory?

Mahmud: It is a long list – here are a few from the West. Worse is happening in Sharia-countries. I am only mentioning their strategy of threat; I am not supporting anti-Muslim actions.

* Death threat issued to office bearers of Muslim Canadian Congress for actively resisting Canadian Sharia Court– CBC News 23 March 2007. (The founder of MCC had to quit MCC for a while).

* Man stabbed at Toronto Mosque after refusing to pray. - National Post 10 May 2007.

* Pentagon’s specialist on Islamic law and Islamist extremism Stephen Coughlin fired for being too harsh on Islamists – The Washington Times – 04 January 2008.

* Australian court instructed Critic of Islam to apologize - Washington Times 24 July 2005.

* Dutch film-maker murdered for making film critical to Islam – NY Times 03 November 2004

* Executives of a TV Channel that exposed activities of Sharia-Leaders were marginally saved from prosecution - The Independent 18 August 2007.

* Mark Steyn, a Canadian writer critical to Islamists (read supporters of Sharia Law) sued in Human Rights Commission – MuslimsAgainstSharia 16 December 2007.

* A novel, “The Jewel of Medina”, about the prophet Mohammed and his wife A'isha, got canceled when Random House, the publisher, became scared of getting attacked – NY Observer 08 August 2008.

* The organization Anti-CAIR sued in the USA.

* PBS of the USA had to drop airing the documentary “Islam vs. Islamists” -- which documented the threats and intimidation moderate Muslims face at the hands of their extremist co-religionists.

* Belgium - Anti-Sharia demonstration in Brussels on 11 September banned by Brussels Mayor. – The Independent – 16 August 2007.

* In Cologne, Germany, the anti-mosque rally expected 15,000 protesters but only a few dozen came due to threatful presence of 40,000 supporters of the mosque.

FP: In terms of Sharia Law penbetrating the West, what is happening in the U.N?

Mahmud: Let me give two examples:

* UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour voiced concern over "taboos" on discussion in a key U.N. forum of subjects that Islamic countries see as offending their religion – Canada.com 18 June 2008.

* Criticism of Human Rights Violations under Sharia Law Deemed Out of Order and Critics of Islamic Extremism Harassed and Silenced – (Video) - Eye On The Sun - 03 Jul 2008.

FP: Tell us about the developments in Europe.

Mahmud: In Europe, they have already succeeded in incorporating Sharia-elements in German and British law.

* The Muslim Brotherhood in France – The National Interest.

* Scotland - “Do we seriously think it won't happen in Scotland? Look at their website. It's happening already” – News.Scotsman.com – 31 August 2008

* Denmark- Danish SIOE leaders “have urged Christians in an Open Letter to oppose introduction of Sharia law in European law” – Pakistan Christian Post 31 August 2008

* Sharia in Holland? - New Europe, 31 August 2008

* Spain - a book on how to beat wife without leaving scars is written by a Spanish imam – Reuters, Yahoo news.

* In Germany, a judge tries to introduce Sharia law into her court.

* One third of British Muslim students say it's acceptable to kill for Islam – Thisislondon.co.uk - 27 July 2008.

* The Archbishop of Canterbury backed the introduction of Sharia law – 08 February 2008.

* UK's top judge Okayed Sharia law - Daily Mail - 4 July 2008.

* UK Treasury to Become Sharia-Compliant - The Trumpet.com - 02 May 2007.

* In the UK, Islamic extremists have infiltrated at least four British universities to radicalize Muslim students, The Sunday Times, November 12, 2006.

* “Sharia courts rule on sex lives in Britain” - Canada Free Press - 27 August 2008.

* Religious Hate Law Aimed At Protecting Muslims Passes UK Vote - CNS News – 12 July 2005

* Sharia-Gurus suggested UK-Minister to "totally exempt" Islamic texts from the Religious Hate Law - CNS News – 12 July 2005.

* Muslim ghettos ruled Sharia courts - “Ten currently operate across the country…. 50 to 60 cases every week covering financial, criminal, divorce and marital problems.” – Sunday Express 27 August 2008

* “Muslims are increasingly expecting state-funded mediators to help them find a settlement in keeping with Islamic law” – Birmingham Post – 27 August 2008.

* UK government’s study for provision by universities for Islamic studies for all students. - WorldNetDaily – 20 August 2007.

* King Faisal donated £2m towards the building of the Regent's Park Mosque, and King Fahd paid for the construction of a new educational and administrative wing in the 1990s. Its director general is a Saudi diplomat – The Independent - 18 August 2007

* Lessons in hate found at leading UK mosques – Times on Line October 30, 2007.

* Steadily growing employment of Sharia Law in Britain's semi-autonomous Muslim enclaves - London Telegraph – 19 January 2008.

* UK - preachers condemning integration into British society, condemning democracy and praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers.

* King Fahd gave $5-million (U.S.) and an annual grant of $1.5-million to the Islamic Centre in Toronto. (The Islamic Centre of Canada is also housed at ISNA - Globe and Mail November 8, 2005).

* The London Mayors Office in the process of deciding the fate of the proposed £100m to London Masjid - Evening Standard Poll – 29 Jan 2007.

* Muslim Preachers' messages of hate to Muslim worshippers. They urge by radical clerics to ignore British law - The Observer - January 7, 2007.

FP: How about what is happening in the U.S. and Canada?

Mahmud: Let me give a selected list:

* Blueprint of The American Sharia Court is created in 1989 by The American Muslims.

* The Pentagon sacks an authentic, influential scholar of Islam, Stephen Coughlin, who evidently refused to soften his views on Islamic extremism at the insistence of one Hasham Islam.

* Two Texas daughters are killed for being too Western.

* In Secret, Polygamy Follows Africans to N.Y. – NY Times 23 March 2007

* Muslim Brotherhood School in Minnesota? - Cross Country – 14 June 2008

* USCIRF (United Sates Commission on International Religious Freedom) confirms Material Inciting Violence, Intolerance Remains in Textbooks Used at Saudi Government's Islamic Saudi Academy – USCIRF Website 11 June 11, 2008.

* ISNA receives $5 million from Saudi sources – Globe and Mail Toronto

* Sharia in Canada? - Global Politician - 11 September 2007.

* Toronto mosque supports Female Genital Mutilation – 03 October 2007

* Canada's secret world of polygamy - The Toronto Star – 24 May 2008.

* Muslim Association Canada strives to implement Islam as understood by Hassan Al banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood – Globe and Mail - September 15, 2005.

* Sharia in Montreal - The Calgary Sun – 25 March 2007.

FP: How can Islamization be stopped?

Mahmud: Not Islam but Political Islam is the problem and it can be stopped.

Scholars have already identified its strengths and weakness and socio-political forces are working on it. I stress on the most crucial element of this war that we must expose the fraud of the institution of Sharia Law to Islam. We have enormous resource to do this. We need to detach the common good Muslim-mass from Sharia Law.

This is what Islamists are afraid of and cannot survive. Keep the movement of non-political Muslims separate from other parallel movements; otherwise they will mark the water by screaming that it is a conspiracy of non-Muslims against Islam and the gullible Muslim mass will swallow it.

Show the world that a peaceful interpretation of Islam always existed and that majorities Muslims still follow it. There is no eternal state-law, no concept of Islamic State, no intimidation, no hate-preaching and no conspiracy in it. Best of all, it is much more compliant to Islam. A peaceful interpretation can nurture human rights and tolerance. We need to put it to work.

It is a proven strategy. My book, Sharia-movie and Sharia-drama is doing well back home. The drama is here. The West could not imagine that an explosive resistance to the Canadian Sharia Court (1991-2006) would come from none other than Canadian Muslims. Indeed, the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC), the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) along with the International Campaign Against Canadian Sharia Court, a group of highly charged Iranian women, conducted and won this extremely important but unsung socio-cultural battle of recent history.

FP: Hasan Mahmud, thank you for joining us.

Mahmud: Thank you and Salam to all. Two necessities confront us: revamping the West’s foreign policy to Muslim countries and defeating the institution of Sharia Law. Both are possible to achieve.
Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's managing editor. He holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He edited and wrote the introduction to David Horowitz’s Left Illusions. He is also the co-editor (with David Horowitz) of The Hate America Left and the author of Canadian Policy Toward Khrushchev’s Soviet Union (McGill-Queens University Press, 2002) and 15 Tips on How to be a Good Leftist. To see his previous symposiums, interviews and articles Click Here. Email him at jglazov@rogers.com.

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