Friday, August 28, 2009

What Israelis think of Rahm Emanuel‏

Caroline Glick

Dear Friends,

As I have written in a number of articles recently, Israelis consider President Obama to be deeply hostile to Israel. A Jerusalem Post poll from June showed that only 6 percent of Israeli Jews think that he is pro-Israel and a more recent Haaretz poll showed that a mere 12 percent of Israelis think Obama is supportive of Israel.Our suspicion of the US President extends to his staff, and particularly to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. It was Emanuel, the son of an Israeli father who got Obama's anti-Israel train rolling with his statement to AIPAC members in the spring that the US now links its willingness to do something against Iran's nuclear program to Israel's willingness to bar Jews from building homes in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Emanuel is widely perceived as being a self-hating Jews who is determined to prove himself to Obama by sticking it to Israel.

In my life outside Jerusalem Post columns, I started a Hebrew website earlier in the year called

Latma means "slap" in Hebrew slang. Latma is a satirical website that focuses on criticism of the uniformly far left local media in Israel. Our tiny team of researchers, writers, actors and production staff devotes itself to pointing out media bias and professional incompetence of Israel's leading media celebrities and news outlets both through daily web updates and through our flagship weekly online video broadcast.

Last week, we broadcast a clip about Rahm Emanuel in our newscast. We decided to translate it into English for the viewing pleasure of non-Hebrew speaking audiences everywhere. The song is a take-off a a 1966 Israeli film called "Kunilemel" which is an Israeli classic on the order of "Singin' in the Rain" in America.

Please click on the link to watch the video.

By the way, Latma is fully funded through generous donations from philanthropists to the Washington DC-based Center for Security Policy's Middle East media program which I run in my capacity as the CSP's Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs.

At Latma it is our belief that by exposing the Israeli media to ridicule through satire, we will help to change the nature of the public discourse in Israel. We will empower the public to question the authority of our media elite. And once their authority is no longer taken for granted, we believe that the Israeli people will bypass the media and develop a relevant, educated, responsible and alternative national discourse on the internet. We believe that such an alternative national discussion is crucial for Israelis to be able to understand and contend with the massive challenges we face as a country and to provide our leaders the tailwind they need to make the difficult decisions these times demand of them.

If you would like receive more information about Latma, and are interested in getting involved, please contact me at

I hope you enjoy the video. If you do, please send it out to your mailing lists or put it on your website. We believe the more people who watch it the better.

By the way, in the coming days I'll be sending out the links to three videos I did at the Center for Security Policy while I was in Washington last week.

One of them gives more information specifically about Latma.

Thanks for all your support for Israel and for my work!



Caroline Glick

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