Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who is an Islamic Terrorist Supporter?

Dave Gaubatz

“Who is an Islamic terrorist Supporter?” That is a question I get almost daily from not only law enforcement, politicians, and military members, but from citizens whose profession does not pertain to securing their respective country. This is a very legitimate question and deserves to be answered. Our media, for the most, part write or speak about “Islamic based terrorist groups” and seldom mention the supporters of the very groups who advocate the deaths of innocent people and the overthrow of sovereign governments, specifically Israel, Canada, United Kingdom, and America. Since so many people do not understand the impact of these “terrorist supporters” and have not received an accurate definition of who they are, this article will explain so all can understand. After reading this article, some readers may realize they are supporting the destruction of their own countries and futures of their children and not even realize they had been doing so. Below is a partial sample of who qualifies as a supporter of Islamic-based terrorists, as well as the individuals who have been sounding the alarm about Jihad for years. The groups are broken down into what I describe as “The Most Obvious,” “The Studious,” and “Least Obvious” (even to the Studious). If you can answer “yes” to any of the following descriptions, you are supporting Islamic-based terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the ideology of the Taliban in Afghanistan, to name just a few. In laymen’s terms, you are supporting an ideology that calls for your country to be overthrown by these groups and your families to suffer as do innocent Muslims who are controlled by the Taliban.

The Most Obvious

Note: The vast majority of people regardless of profession will recognize the following as obvious signs a person or organization is supporting Islamic based terrorist groups.

1. Do you or do you know anyone/organization who promotes the ideology of al Qaeda and other well known terrorist organizations?
2. Do you or do you know anyone/organization who provides financial support to a terrorist organizations?
3. Have you or do you know anyone who has joined a terrorist organization?
4. Have you or do you know anyone who has committed a terrorist act (any criminal offense) for a terrorist organization?
5. Have you or do you know anyone who has provided written or verbal support of a convicted terrorist?

Most readers know if you say “yes” to any of the above, then either you or someone else you know is openly promoting terrorism.

The next group of people I would like to highlight are people who have studied the Islamic ideology (not simply the Koran), worked in the national security arena, or who have spent years conducting research into the Islamic ideology. They recognize the behind the scenes activities of “Islamic terrorist organizations.”

The Studious (the true defenders of truth)

The Studious are people who have often devoted their lives to the study of the Islamic ideology. They are our heroes and first-line defenders of the truth. They are people most would recognize by name alone, who on a day-to-day basis try to warn innocent people of the violent ideology currently working its way (at a fast pace) through our cultures and nations.

Among these defenders of truth are Steve Emerson, Nonie Darwish, Tawfik Hamid, Tom Trento, Daniel Pipes, Chris Gaubatz, Pamella Geller, Jamie Glazov, Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, and Walid Shobat. There are others, but you will not find them through your TV remote control. The above persons understand exactly what we are facing from the Islamic-based Jihadist threat, and they have been telling us for years. Some of us have listened. But Muslim Brotherhood supporters call these individuals “Islamophobes and Alarmists.” We should call them heroes. Anyone who touches on the truth will be attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood. They will use the media (tongue and pen forms of Jihad) to attack. They will falsely discredit. Sad thing is, many of our own so-called journalists are in bed with Jihadists and take their accusations as truth. These journalists will disregard the mountain of evidence linking people like CAIR Executives Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper as terrorist supporters.

Luckily for the innocent people (of all races, religions, and cultures) who do not want violence dominating our lives, there are good people like the ones mentioned above who are risking their own reputations, careers, and lives to bring the truth forward. The Muslim Brotherhood targets the above individuals – and me – on a daily basis. Readers should know that when you are added to CAIR’s (Muslim Brotherhood) “hit list” (per their terminology used in the documents our lead researchers uncovered that were being shredded by CAIR executives), it is no different than a fatwa being issued against you. You have become a target for any Muslim who follows the ideology of killing anyone who (in their minds) oppresses Islam. History has shown us numerous examples of this and history will continue to show more.

The Studious review Jihadist Internet sites. Some are former Muslims, some are former Muslim terrorists. They all have different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: They see and understand the threats of Islamic Jihadists as clear as millions saw the Twin Towers tumbling after the murderous attack by Jihadists. They are the counterterrorism experts who know the reality of the situation. If you broke a bone, you would go to an orthopedic surgeon because they are the most informed. If you suffer a terrorist attack, you should go to the people I mentioned above. They understand the mindset, ideology, and tactics of jihadist groups. It is not a journalist who Googles intelligence, is paid millions to “look smart” and is seen on your television every night. These are actresses and actors. They do not represent reality.

The Least Obvious

Finally, this last group of signs of Islamic terrorism is the most dangerous because they are the least obvious even to many counterterrorism experts. Jihadists and their supporters use the laws within their respective countries against the enemies they are targeting. In America, terrorists and their supporters use the U.S. Constitution as their protector to advocate treason and sedition against our country and innocent children. They know the law better than the average attorney understands law. The Jihadist spend millions of dollars (much of it from Saudi Arabia) to “brainwash” elected leaders, law enforcement, media, and others to believe it is a First Amendment Right to distribute “obvious” Jihadist material across our countries that call for killing innocent people and to overthrow our country. Readers can visit www.muslimmafiainternational.com to see a sampling of the materials my colleagues and I have uncovered across America in every major city.

Least obvious signs include material your children can pick up in almost every public library. The Muslim Brotherhood has spent millions of dollars to insure your libraries and schools have material for your children to review that were written by convicted terrorists such as Ali Al Timimi (currently serving life plus for advocating terrorism against America and leading others to do the same). Timimi is just one such convicted person CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) supports. They openly support Timimi, but there are some they only support behind the scenes because it would not be good for their public relations strategy if they informed the public they support such persons as Kobie Williams (Abdul Kabeer), who was convicted in Texas in 2007 for conspiracy to aid the Taliban. Keep in mind that the Taliban have butchered thousands of people, murdered our U.S. troops, and continue to enforce the violent aspects of Sharia law which includes torturing even young children.

Most Americans do not realize major media organizations have covered this case up and do not report the facts (wittingly and unwittingly). In their defense, many do not realize that behind the scenes, CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) support the actions and ideology of Kobie Williams. The attorney for Williams was Alamdar Hamdani. Hamdani is closely aligned with CAIR-Houston and reached out to Nihad Awad, Arsalan Iftikhar, and Ibrahim Hooper to assist the treasonous Williams. Ultimately, CAIR Executives advised that they would have to support him behind the scenes so they would not tarnish the false image they represent to the American people.

During the last couple of months, my organization (Muslim Mafia International/MMI) has worked hard to bring readers an Internet site they can see the truth about Islamic Jihadist groups and the people who support them. I highly encourage readers to view our site, review the materials, and use the site as an educational tool for your local politicians, law enforcement, and media. Give these people an option. Listen to the counterterrorist specialists who are trying to warn innocent people of the threats we are currently facing. If these politicians you approach ignore you, then consider this the next time you vote. Do you want a politician who supports the Muslim Brotherhood over the safety of your children?

If there comes a time when our elected leaders no longer listen to the concerns of the people they serve, there will likely be people who change the system in the best interest of our country and children. I am a person who has studied counterterrorism issues for many years, and I can say without any reservations the American people will not allow our country to be overtaken by a Jihadist ideology. This is one fact of which readers can be assured. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Dave Gaubatz spent 20 years as an active duty USAF (Special Agent/OSI), 3.5 years as a civilian 1811 Federal Agent, trained by the U.S. State Department in Arabic, and was the first U.S. Federal Agent to enter Iraq in 2003. He is also a counterterrorism counterintelligence officer. He is co-author of the book Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America. His website is here, and he can be reached at davegaubatz@gmail.com.

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