Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Law of Unintended Consequences of the Obamacare

March 28, 2010

By Nurit Greenger

Over a period of time I have listened to many debates and comments, on various radio and television programs, about the Obamacare Bill Congress have just passed and to me, as to many others, it is clear that Congress had a genuine hidden agenda behind passing this disastrous Bill.

So what really is behind passing Bill that was 'unintended'? Here is what I came up with:

First, Medicare is twice as likely to deny coverage than an insurance company. In five-to-ten years the only one who will remain insured is the government. People will not be able to afford health insurance. And why?! If the insurance companies are forced to indiscriminately insure everyone and all cases they will go out of business. Because in accepting preexisting cases they will see no profit from the get go. Also when they will be required to cover everyone without being able to deny anyone it will become unprofitable for them. In simple terms, when the insurance companies have to cover any and all ailments, without limitation, the insurance coverage price will go sky high and will become unaffordable to the patients, or the insurance companies will see no profits with paying so much out for unlimited treatments and in either case be forced to go out of business.

Second, is the class of care for the rich and everyone else. Under this healthcare plan, doctors will be forced to accept payment and give service that is dictated and enforced by the government. They will have to lower their rates for the same quality of care they are giving now, before the Obamacare plan is implemented. Most doctors go into practice while they still owe an incredible amount of money on their years of attending medical school; these bills have to be paid. They will then choose to go into private practice to earn good money, which only the rich will be able to afford. The result, the rich will get extraordinary good care and all other people will be able to get lousy, limited, half hearted medical care.

Third, the loss of medical innovation. Under Obamacare, the medical devices and pharmaceutical companies will be subjected to higher taxes and government controlled profits. When there is no incentive, which is receiving best possible profit, these companies will stop research and innovation, which the patients, the public, will be denied of and suffer the consequences. When there is no incentive, creation ceases and the masses will not benefit.

Fourth, is tax increase. No doubt should le cast; this bill will cause taxation to increase all around.

Last one is abortion. No need to lie as the democrats did and do. The Obamacare will cover abortion. When Obama signed the Executive Order, he knew what it meant. Executive-Order means nothing more than fooling the fools to get the vote to pass for his self serving health bill agenda. For his legacy! And why?! The law trumps the Executive-Order. Obama signed the Executive-Order in a hurry so Congress could approve the Bill knowing well that if Congress decides later on to fund abortion procedures his Executive-Order means diddlysquat. He signed the Executive-Order in a hurry to win the vote knowing it will not stick.

The question is, if those Representatives do not know such elementary government making of law protocol and went ahead accepting the Executive-Order as the law, what are they doing in Congress? What are they still doing in office? Did they not know, did they lie to themselves or did they lie to the public to appear as if they did the right thing, they did their job right?

The New Your Times today says that Obamacare is nothing more than a distribution of wealth. (In Health Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality By David Leonhardt, published on March 23, 2010

Watching ABC News 20/20 yesterday, they claim that with this Healthcare Bill every dollar the government will collect will go to pay for Social Security, Medicare, Medical and to repay the national immense debt. There will be no money left to sustain the country.

We all agree that the current Healthcare system needs reform but not this way. The Obama Healthcare Bill is inhumane.

To begin the process of solving the American people problem, every American needs to punch the ballot. This will show Washington that we, the people, have the power to make the necessary change.

Then we need to go the extra mile. We need to make a fundamental transformation of our system and our country. To achieve this we need to hammer the truth every day. We need to change ourselves and together we will change the county and put it back on course.

The smart and the prudent among us will have to become a fish out of water and not lose our soul for a favor. To save ourselves we need to immediately begin getting ourselves out of the system and others will rush to join us. There are millions of us who think the same. The way to make the change is to unite; when each one of us have changed and then millions of us who have changed and transformed are united then they, the government, will have to come to us.

Among the millions who have transformed there must be good people, with values, who can run for office and lead the country in the right direction.

We have just been hit by a car and we are waking up from the coma. The nation has awakened!

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