Monday, July 26, 2010

Never apologize for defending the State of Israel

Nurit Greenger

Though, it is already fifty-five days and counting, since 31 May 2010, when the MV Mavi Marmara ship, while en route to Gaza, was raided and seized by Israeli Navy Commandos from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the story must be recited and retold.
After the IDF communicated with the ship, warnings that a naval blockade of the Gaza area was in full force, the ship kept on forging ahead toward the Gaza shores.
Israel could have taken the easy way out; it could have sunk the ship. However being under the scrutiny of the international community and under its magnifying glass, the IDF chose to forego its military superiority. It had landed a group of commandos, armed with paintball guns. Their mission was to seize the ship with no intent of any violence.

This, however, was not the intent of the terrorists on board of the ship. They anxiously waited for the Israel commandos to land on deck so they could go to war with them. In the violent clash that followed, nine activists were killed, and several dozen activists and at least seven IDF soldiers were injured.

The story that became public was far from what really took place and why and Israel ended up, as always, being the guilty party it was not. Subsequently, millions of words were written and hundreds of commentators around the world covered the story, along much distortion of the factual truth. None of what took place however was told by the Israeli commandos who, in fact, participated in the deliberately provocative flotilla actions.

The Israeli Defense Forces is now reaching out to tell this truth. Tonight, in a unique event that took place at Stephen S. Wise Temple, sponsored by the Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles, the Israel-Christian Nexus and several other co-sponsor organizations, two Israeli Navy Commandos were invited to tell the world the true story. The very good looking and of great disposition two young men, representatives of the 'Atalef' - Israeli Naval Special Forces (equivalent to U.S. Navy Seals) vets, told a large crowd the true story, the story the anti-Israel world does not care to hear and know.

Major (Res.) Yair Schindel, married and a father to a baby boy, is MD; he is IDF Special Forces combat medical officer and is its Chief Medical Officer for a total of five years. He was awarded the Navy's highest decoration for valor in saving the life of a comrade while under fire. Born in Israel, his grandparents were among the 'Scheduler's list' survivors who arrived to Israel as WWII ended.
Captain 'Jon,' who, for security purpose, hid his identity, is married, studying at a university and on call in full active reserve duty. Born in Israel to parents of Romanian and Egyptian origin Jews.

Both officers participated in numerous highly dangerous special operations; they shared some of their experiences serving in the Israeli Naval Special Forces with emphasis on the MV Mavi Marmara flotilla operation that, from a military point of view, was a great failure.

With a dash of humor, in spite of the very somber subject, these two Israeli Naval Special Forces members informed the crowd that the Israeli Defense Forces will no longer be quite. They will not allow the world to cheat them again of the truth.
They also admitted that the Israeli top brass sincerely believed the Mavi Marmara carried peace activists, not terrorists on board, a mistake that will never be repeated again. That was the reason the commandos who landed on the ship's deck held paintball guns in their hands and their real guns were in the holsters. They landed into a crowd of barbarian terrorists totally defenseless. Just try them again!
The officers showed several clips the IDF released right after the Mavi Marmara was seized. They admitted that the Israeli intelligence faltered in planning the operation as well as in the timing of the PR releases.

Apparently it took a whole thirty minutes to seize the ship and ten more hours of horror to treat all the injured on board. It was touch and go for Israel losing some of its commandos had it not been for its superb medical corps. Every terrorist who brutally attacked the Israel commandos and ended up injured, received the proper medical attention. I wonder what would have happened if the shoe was on the other foot.

There is no doubt that the IDF is the most humane army in the world. However, its duty is to defend the citizens of the State of Israel. Do not expect from the IDF soldiers anything else but defending their Homeland.

Seizing the Mavi Marmara is part of Israel's defense strategy. It cannot and will not allow any ship to enter Gaza without inspecting it first to make sure no arms are delivered into the hands of the terror group Hamas ruling Gaza. At the end there was only one truck load of humanitarian aid on the Mavi Marmara; what was on the ship is a load full of terrorists and their aiders and abettors. There is no shortage of humanitarian supply in Gaza, there is shortage in weapons and it will remains as such for as long as Hamas controls Gaza.

The two Israeli Naval Commando heroes left home, work and studies to expose the truth they want the world to know. Their truth must be told. The time to double the efforts is right now. The lies, the deceptions and the ongoing efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel must be extinguished just like wild fire.
Israel is my heart's true home.

If you feel the same, please make sure to share it with eighteen others, who will share it with eighteen others, who will share it with eighteen others until the truth has been shared by all who are tired of the lies, the deception and the world that is so up-side-down.

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