Monday, June 27, 2011

"Journalist "or one promotes Intifada?

Eran Cicurel | 27.06.11 - 06:33
[Foreign News Editor Eran Cicurel]

A "journalist" is supposed to participate in the flotilla was until recently the senior organization that promotes the intifada in the Occupied Territories.

Government Press Office message that journalists can not reach flotilla to return to Israel for ten years aroused the wrath of the media world. But it turns out that not everyone who presents himself as a journalist and professional level of western media is not necessarily so. This morning we get one story of a "journalist" is supposed to participate in the flotilla on behalf of Western media. But our review indicates that the man was until recently the senior organization that promotes as the intifada in the territories. An understanding was reached with Egypt that the ships in the flotilla will be allowed to unload their cargo at El - Arish. The Prime Minister instructed the security forces not to allow any ship to reach Gaza. IDF presented the Cabinet plans to take over the ship.

Flotilla organizers announced that about -350 Gaza activists from 22 countries will try to break the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip on 10 ships sailing the week in various ports in Greece. Among others to participate in the flotilla vessels from Greece, France, Italy and Spain and two cargo ships carrying medical equipment and cement for construction.
NOTE: This is a google translation-thus the English is a bit off. I wanted this to get out asap.

Comment: I am not arguing the right of individuals to participate nor will I even argue the legality of such journalists to be aboard an illegal act. However, I will point out the intention of this "flotilla"-it is designed to demonize Israel. Rest assured the following is ready for international cameras, tweets and facebook pages: false accusations against IDF, feigned illness caused by boarding of ships, "interviews" with "beaten" passengers, already scripted interviews by the way,staged photos and many more deceptive pieces. The IDF's response to all of this is crucial. The media has already determined for itself the story it will present, only the most courageous reporter would dare tell this story-of course, he/she would miss out on a major media prize that begins with the letter P.

BTW, there are other so-called reporters on board with their "stories" already written-and this is news with any integrity at all? Hardly!! The damage will still be inflicted upon us, the desired endgame.

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