Friday, October 28, 2011

At last a voice is raised against the bigotry of 'Occupy'

Daily Mail|

John Mann, the Labour MP for Bassetlaw, is also the very splendid (and non-Jewish) chairman of the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Committee against Antisemitism. He has now put down this Early Day Motion in the House of Commons (hat tip: The Commentator):

‘That this House notes the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and ‘Occupy London Stock Exchange’ protest movements; believes the right to protest is an essential tenet of democracy; further notes concerns have been raised in America about the anti-Semitic nature of some of those protests; further believes signs referring to ‘Hitler's Bankers’ and ‘Google Jewish Billionaires’ are offensive and have no place at such protests; further believes the verbal or physical abuse of Jews by demonstrators is unacceptable; and calls on leaders of the Occupy demonstrations worldwide to condemn anti-Semitism and act to stamp it out whenever it occurs.’ Needless to say, although web-based journalists and bloggers have been noting the Jew-hatred coursing through the ‘Occupy’ movement – as in this piece on by Jeff Shapiro – this aspect has gone all but unremarked in the mainstream media, and has not prevented politicians and journalists on the left from puffing ‘Occupy’ in admiring and respectful terms. Of course – Jew-hatred is now the prejudice that dare not speak its name; and the western left is riddled with it. Which is one thing its cadres have in common, of course, with the Islamists.

Linking Jews and capitalism in a seamless robe of hatred has long been firmly embedded in left-wing thinking. There is, however, a set of values on the left which truly despises such bigotry and racial hatred. That’s the ‘old left’ tradition which is still firmly rooted in Judeo-Christian morality, and which thus distinguishes correctly between right and wrong, truth and lies, justice and injustice.

As such, it stands stoutly against the defining madness of the world. John Mann is firmly in that decent tradition. Thank goodness people like him still exist.

Who will support him?

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