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Drill Barry Drill

Sultan Knish

I did an interview yesterday on the Speakeasy with Guy Green and if you want to listen then you can go to their site or try the embedded version here.


What is worth more in the eyes of Obama, an American soldier or a Koran? We all got the answer to that when after an Afghan soldier murdered two American soldiers, Obama apologized to the Afghan government because their already defaced Korans were not properly respected, venerated, kissed and tucked into bed.


So four years after a serenade of Drill Baby Drill, the cost of gas is climbing through the roof. It's almost like it's impossible to drill for oil in this country. And no amount of Chevy Volts being bought by GM employees is going to save the day.

The tactical policy of the left has been to drive up energy prices to force people to "cut back", but the people being forced to cut back aren't Barack 'Hawaii Temperatures in the Oval Office' Obama, it's actual Americans who don't have their heating bills covered by taxpayers.

"It's the easiest thing in the world to make phony election-year promises about lower gas prices," Obama told a crowd at the University of Miami. "What's harder is to make a serious, sustained commitment to tackle a problem that may not be solved in one year or one term or even one decade."

... or you know... ever. Because buying a whole lot of subsidized solar panels or bailing out car companies and forcing them to make energy efficient cars that people don't want, doesn't solve anything.

Sustainable is the key word here and that means following the Euro plan of hiking energy prices and taxing what's left to keep people miserable and deprived. To the left it's a matter of stating the problem. And their view of the problem is not a technological one, but a human problem. The problem being that people exploit natural resources for their own comfort and the only way to make them stop is to raise prices.
Characterizing Republicans' energy policy, he said: "Step one is drill, step two is drill and step three is keep drilling. You know that's not a plan — especially since we're already drilling. That's a bumper sticker."

Now drilling for oil is actually a pretty good plan, because it's how you get oil. Just like you get money by working for it or you get wheat by growing it. It's the actual definition of what a plan is.

But that's too simplistic for Caliph Nuance who thinks plans need to be so ridiculously complicated that they can only be unraveled by a drunken Columbo with a copy of Das Kapital.

Sure we could go out and drill for oil. But that's not a plan. What we need to do is not drill for oil. Then we borrow money from China to buy solar panels from China. Then we wait while gas prices go through the roof. Then we give the people a lecture on saving money by going green. Then we go play golf on the greens. Then we visit China and beg them for more money. Now that's an energy policy that we can all get behind. And by "We", I mean the left and companies getting money from the government to go green.

But don't worry if we get into trouble and by "We", I mean if Obama's election prospects dim, there's always a release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Or maybe O will go bow to the Saudi King and offer to overthrow another government to replace it with the Muslim Brotherhood if he'll give a brother a break.

But if drilling for oil isn't a plan, how do you get energy then?

Option 1, drill for oil.

Option 2, make sure to use "sustainability" as often as possible in your speeches.

Liberals like to claim that they are part of the "Reality Based Community". I just have to ask what reality is it based on?


CBS News has this touching story of "actress" Lucy Lawless who will be climbing an oil drilling ship as part of her campaign for eight dollar a gallon gas.

The Associated Press on Friday that wind gusts were making it difficult to stay put but that she and the other protesters planned to stay there for "as long as we possibly can." She said she had a "little bit" of food and some provisions with her.

Isn't that so touching? It's like she's one of the little people suffering.

And then she goes back to her mansion, after the publicity photos are taken. And the people who actually just have "a little bit of food" have to choose between driving to work or feeding their families.

"I've got three kids. My sole biological reason for being on this planet is to ensure that they can flourish, and they can't do that in a filthy, degraded environment," she said. "We need to stand up while we still can."

Greenpeace spokesman Nathan Argent said the ship was due to drill five exploratory wells during the Arctic summer.

There are two possibilities here. Either Lucy Lawless lives in the arctic and is worried about raising her kids among oil covered polar bears or she's too stupid to know where the arctic is. I would bet on the second one myself.


That a man like David Brock has become the whispering voice in the media’s ear is almost as much a testament to the rot within the mainstream media complex as the power that George Soros has over the progressive left testifies to its own dark heart.

No decent journalist would allow his news stories to be influenced by the propaganda apparatus of a man who openly boasted about being a smear artist. Nor would any serious newspaper, news network or media outlet accept a narrative from a man who disavowed his own reporting as the work of a political hit man. Yet the very centrality of Media Matters in the mainstream media complex shows the utter corruption of the media.

Only the left could take a man whose calling card was admitting to being an unprincipled liar who engaged in disinformation and reward him for that by putting him charge of a media operation to create disinformation, while describing it as a program to counter disinformation.

See the rest of the piece on the rotten brain behind Media Matters at Front Page Magazine with my article, David Brock: Media Matters Madman'


Forget his clamor about a blacklist and discrimination, here's a better question, why was he ever employed at MSNBC and why did his employment continue even when the network went far far left?

True conservatives haven't gotten MSNBC paychecks in some time. Buchanan's contribution was that he allied with the left against Bush on the War on Terror. The value of that contribution expired when Obama came into office.

While Buchanan was denouncing Bush, the top brass conveniently overlooked his bigotry and his views on Nazi Germany. But his usefulness expired and it was only a matter of time until someone on top noticed him long enough to get rid of him. That's something David Brock ought to remember, the left likes its useful idiots, but it has no loyalty to them and it keeps long grudges.


Jews occupy a peculiar position in the Democratic Party: The Jewish vote is part of the Democratic base, but at the same time the party does not represent Jewish interests, either at home or abroad, and of the last three Democratic presidents, two were nakedly hostile to the Jewish state. Now the second of them is running for reelection and is counting on the Jewish vote.

After November 6th, 2012, Barack Obama will either be a leader with absolute control over foreign policy and nothing to lose or the first Democratic incumbent since Carter to lose the White House. For Obama everything hinges on securing the next four years and that requires him to play up his pro-Israel credentials while trying to convince Jewish voters that the animosity and ugliness of his present term never happened.

But there are two things dragging him down: The Center for American Progress and Media Matters.

... see the rest of the piece in my Front Page article, "Obama's Anti-Semitic Anchors"


There seem to be a number of We Are All Catholic articles that suggest the only religious group affected by this issue is the Catholic Church. Spengler writes, "Memo to Jews: After They Come for the Catholic Church, They Will Come For Us".

I don't know about Spengler's religious beliefs, but they've already come for mine. Orthodox Jewish groups have come forward, not just in solidarity with the Catholic Church, but because it's an attack on their religious practices and freedoms as well.

The Orthodox Union and Agudath Israel represent the majority of Orthodox Jews in the United States. I'm not saying their press releases should necessarily get major coverage, but can we have an end to articles that suggest Jews are concerned in this only as a hypothetical scenario that may one day endanger something they really care about? There are a sizable number of Jews who do care about this and are endangered by this. It's not simply a Catholic issue. It is an issue for religious people who want to protect their freedom of conscience.

In a Letter to the Editor at the New York Times, Nathan Diament, the director of the OU's political arm makes a very important point.

For many people of diverse faiths, religious observance is not to be confined to the sanctuary. For many, faith compels engagement with the broader world and service to our fellow man, especially those in need. To say the government will afford religious liberty only to the most insular of religious institutions but not to those that serve, or employ, people of other faiths is a troubling view of faith and what role it should play in America.

Whether this is the purpose of the program or a nice side effect, pushing traditional religious groups out of the public sphere and turning it into a monopoly for the government and their religious allies serves the interests of the left.

The position of Orthodox groups resulted in a vituperative Forward column (what other kind could there be in a radical left-wing paper) by Gavriella Lerner which dripping bile and other toxic fluids, accused them of being blinded by "Obama-Hatred" (her newly invented word, not mine.)

A typical paragraph of the screed runs like this. "Some have speculated that it’s about controlling women, but I believe the answer lies in something even more irrational that has been sweeping the ranks of American conservatives. It is an Obama-hatred so visceral that anything the man supports must be bad, wrong, and shot down."

I didn't read far enough to check if Lerner accuses Jews of eating matzos drenched in liberal blood, but it should be obvious that traditional Jewish denominations are catching the same kind of heat and feeling the smear campaigns for standing up for their freedom of conscience.


Speaking of smear campaigns being waged against Orthodox Jews, Deborah Feldman's "Orthodox Jews are the Devil" book tour is hitting a bit of a snag as her memoir is proving to be about as truthful as Three Cups of Tea.

What's truly ugly in one particular incident is that Deborah Feldman turned a tragic suicide by a young man into a gruesome story about sexual mutilation by the father, adding terrible pain to a family that already suffered more than enough by losing a son.

I know a family whose son committed suicide in a very public way and they have never gotten over it. The media attention made it that much worse. For Deborah Feldman to have made up the story that she did shows that she is completely devoid of human feeling. That she will say anything to make some money and build a career for herself. And the media is enabling her bigotry and her misbehavior.

Unorthodox is already being exposed by crowd sourcing, but the media will still keep on plowing forward as if nothing is wrong. Now I wonder when The View will get around to hosting Wafa Sultan.


The German Chancellor led a memorial ceremony for the eight Turks, a Greek and a policewoman believed to have been killed between 2000 and 2007 by the neo-Nazi cell.

Members of the Turkish parliament's human rights committee as well as diplomats, German federal and state lawmakers and action groups fighting xenophobic violence attended the ceremony.

Addressing 1,200 people at a Berlin concert hall, Merkel solemnly read out the names and family details of the 10 people who she said were victims of "cold-blooded murder". Shortly afterwards, businesses, schools, public transport and media observed a minute's silence after employers and trade unions called for a halt to remember the victims.

Quick question is anyone going to be leading memorials for the Greeks and Kurds murdered by Turkey?

Any memorial services for the countless Europeans, Jews, Christians and Atheists murdered, tortured, beaten and raped by Muslim immigrants?

Authorities have faced criticism over how the Far-Right cell operated with impunity for 11 years. Merkel apologised for the fact that, in some cases, relations of the victims were themselves wrongly suspected of involvement in the crimes.

Was that government policy? And if it wasn't than why is the head of state apologizing for something that she had no control over?


Given all this, should we just cut ties and declare Ankara an enemy? No. What we need is just a more-realistic grasp of what Turkey’s government is up to—rolling back freedom, secularism and democracy, while supporting Islamists throughout the Middle East. And we need to stop preaching to other Muslim states that Turkey’s a “model Muslim democracy.”

...from Ralph Peters' Talking Turkey piece, though how one distinguishes supporting Islamists from being our enemy I don't know, except that these days we're doing the same thing.

This time we are the Indians...

And the true ‘foreign belligerents’ in the just-opening North American War Games are the adherents and apostles of socialism, in all of its various flavors.

That is the foreign creed.

Those people are the foreign belligerents, whether native-born or émigré.

Totalitarianism is the enemy we fight, and anyone who serves totalitarianism is an enemy of freedom, regardless of the costume they may be wearing that day.

Twas Our Own Who Betrayed Us

So my fellow Catholics are pissed off, and rightly so, over Obama’s evil mandate that forces them to violate their conscience and the teachings of the Church, but more than half of all American Catholics voted for the bastard, the clergy supported him, and then they supported Obamacare despite the overwhelming evidence that Obama was an evil ungodly man who is an enemy to human life (how else can you explain someone who FOUGHT and fought hard to make sure that no child born alive as the result of a botched abortion would ever know a moment of comfort, love or warmth and would simply be stuffed in a corner somewhere to die, alone, unloved and in pain?) and that Obamacare would force us all to support his evil anti-human agenda. Where was their conscience THEN?

Forget Wax On, Wax Off. Try Prog on, Prog off


Want to burn a Koran without getting your hands dirty or going to the trouble of obtaining one by mail?

Try Virtual Koran burning for a Koran you can burn with the click of a mouse. Furious Muslim mobs not included.

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