Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The world needs a leader like Sonny LoSpecchio

Michael Toro

March 26th, 2012

Upon hearing the news today that a large group of muslim women in France attempted to enter the neighborhood to the childhood home of the now dead terrorist, Mohamed Merah, I was taken aback by extreme anguish and thought of what this particular community of muslims had become in that country. I asked myself, if given similar circumstances of this horrific and despicable blatant disregard for human life by Merah, if this murderous crime took place in America, would people in the muslim community attempt the same flower laying gesture? Are any groups of muslims globally condemning these women for attempting such a revolting gesture that is no less an insult to the families of the murdered victims, or an insult to all of us that value life and strive in our everyday actions to live humanely and can objectively see the true intentions of the actions of these women. More than likely, this failed attempt at ‘restoring Islams’ honor and the honor of Merah’s family name is an intended slap in the face of the victims and a show of approval on their part that they support his actions. In many ways we can look at how radicals have supported terrorist actions from 9/11 and the Middle Eastern car honking celebrations to the slaughter of the Fogel family and the candy celebration that ensued. We now see a group of women attempting to be stoic and respectful with handfuls of flowers that are more like bayonets into the wounded minds of us all that grow tired and repulsed by these phony gestures. I think of the current world leaders on the right and left sides of their political isles and I am not impressed. Currently in my own country of the United States, we are entering a very important election year. One in which, I have now come to the conclusion that maybe we need more than a business minded President or good looking public speaker that can capture the hearts and minds of the American population. As I stared out of my window, I thought about Sonny, a mobster character from the movie, A Bronx Tale. One day Sonny was walking on his sidewalk on a sunny afternoon when a large motorcycle gang rode into his neighborhood drawing undo attention to themselves by yelling and cursing. They entered Sonny’s bar on the corner of the block and started trouble with the manager. Demanding things on their own rebellious terms without any respect for the neighborhood they had just entered. As Sonny, entered the bar, his manager approached him and said he tried to get the group to leave. The bikers, upon seeing Sonny, acted innocent and said all they wanted was a couple beers and they would be on their way. They weren’t looking for any trouble. Sonny, being a reasonable man, accepted their gracious gesture and instructed his bartender to pour them some beer. The biker leader gave Sonny an innocent smile and turned to the bartender attending to his beer. Sonny thinking he made something out of a potential bad situation started to walk away towards the front door when the bikers made a large toast and poured their beers all over the bartender. Now this tactic

was common practice by the bikers and one that usually intimidated folks that showed any opposition they met on the road. Sonny, now pissed off, calmly walks to the front door and locks it. He looks at the bikers and says, “ Now’s you can’t leave.” The bikers have now lost all advantage as someone has finally met their antics head on and without reservation.

As terrorists and their community supporters, politicians, and MSM continue to demonstrate their intimidating behavior, whether through violent murders, fake gestures and misguided news reports that offer more of an apologist bend to a terrorists action than a report on facts that would provide a person to independently come to their own objective conclusion, I say it may be time to lock the door and have these folks deal with Sonny.

Michael Toro



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