Friday, November 30, 2012

UN Perfidy on PA "state" - Shame on ALL Jewish Organizations! not having 30,000 Jews in front of the UN building!‏

Two Palestinian goals at UN: Have all disputed land declared "occupied" and have terrorists declared legitimate freedom fighters
Adopted by the PLO in the 12th session of the Palestinian National Council, in Cairo, June 9, 1974

Phase One: acquire as much territory as possible
Phase Two: Use the territory to launch terror on Israel
Phase Three: Destroy Israel
If Israel gives up Judea and Samaria, as it gave us Gaza Strip, in 2005, would there be peace tomorrow?


Americans for a Safe Israel
Americans For a Safe Israel
1751 Second Avenue (91st Street)
New York, NY 10128
Contact: Helen Freedman, Executive Director
November 29, 2012

        The 52 major Jewish organizations that comprise the Conference of Presidents should have called for a demonstration in support of Israel today, November 29, 2012, for two important reasons. One is to mark the sixty-five years since the UN partition plan was voted upon approving the creation of the Jewish state. The other is that it is this same day that was chosen by PA President Mahmoud Abbas to go to the United Nations requesting upgraded status for the PA in the UN. The General Assembly cannot grant statehood to the PA, but the non-member observer status, comparable to that enjoyed by the Vatican, gives rights and privileges that are being celebrated across the Arab world today. One such privilege would enable the  PLO to bring charges against Israel before the International Criminal Court.
      The press was out in full force, looking for supporters and protestors of the Abbas request, which was virtually assured of passage. The Jews were not there. My Israeli friend, Ari Briggs of Regavim, visiting from Israel, and scheduled to return there this evening, requested that I stand with him at the UN with the Israeli flag, and AFSI's re-cycled banner, NO "PALESTINIAN" STATE. See the photo above.

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