Monday, May 26, 2008

Iranian Spy Caught in Israel

Hana Levi Julian

An Iranian-born Israeli citizen was arrested at Ben Gurion International Airport on May 8 on charges of spying for the Islamic Republic, according to an indictment filed in Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court.

The story was cleared for publication on Sunday. According to court documents, the unnamed man agreed to supply Iranian inteliigence with information on Israel's security establishment. He has been charged with contacting a foreign agent, relaying information to an enemy state, theft and fraudulently obtaining goods.

The man's attorney, Michal Orkaby, was quoted by Yediot Acharonot as saying the man has not resided in Israel for several years and did not give anyone any information on Israeli security services, nor did he wish the State any harm.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) said Iranian intelligence operatives have been pressuring Israelis who have families in the Islamic Republic to become spies for Iran.

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