Sunday, June 29, 2008

No kidding: 'Decision shows Hizbullah's strength' Staff

The Israeli decision to release Samir Kuntar in exchange for kidnapped IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev reflected Hizbullah's strength, the group said Sunday evening.
"What happened in the prisoners issue is a proof that the word of the resistance is the most faithful, strongest and supreme," the group's Al-Manar TV quoted Hizbullah's Executive Council chief Hashem Safieddine as saying.
The proposed deal would require the approval of Hizbullah's secretive, decision-making Shura Council. Germany has been trying to mediate a prisoner exchange since Israel's war with Lebanon ended in August 2006.
The group has tried for Kuntar's release for years, but Israel has held him for nearly three decades, hoping to use him as a bargaining chip to extract information from Hizbullah about the fate of the missing Israeli airman, Ron Arad.
Recently, Israeli leaders concluded Hizbullah has no new information about Arad. His family, who had been told by a previous government that Kantar would not be released without more information about Arad's whereabouts, shunned an invitation to meet with Olmert to discuss the prisoner swap.
In the end, however, Hizbullah agreed to turn over additional information about Arad as part of the prisoner exchange deal.
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Comment: This is no surprise-stupid decision. Allow me to be politically in correct, Arabs do not perceive events, situations, people or circumstances as most of us in the West do! That's correct, calling me names like racist etc does not undo the truth on the ground. You can continue to deny this, you can demonstrate "how tolerant and understanding" you are but until you wrap your understanding the truth around the idea I have presented you will give the advantage to our collective enemy. An enemy who has time and gain indicated he wants to either kill us or take over our entire way of living. May I remind you that being tolerant of those who are intolerant is not only stupid but demonstrates a lack of courage to stand up for our own values. Please note that our enemy does not hesitate to proudly state what it values-no sense of political correctness on their part-this is a Western value and one that is getting us killed.

Comment #2: I am currently in the USA, returning to Israel next week. I am watching Israeli TV right now and viewing a story that shows Hizzbollah already creating and singing a song created just for Kuntar-disgusting!How can anyone with any remaining honor or dignity "cave in" to such actions?

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