Sunday, June 29, 2008

There is NO Calm-stop pretending there is!

Mortars by Night, 'Calm' by Day

Hana Levi Julian

Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza fired mortars at Israel overnight in another violation of the Egyptian-brokered tahadiyeh, or temporary ceasefire, which began on June 19.

The impact points of the shells, which were directed at civilian targets, were not released for publication.

Despite repeated terrorist attacks, Deputy Defense Ministry Matan Vilnai has decided that the Gaza crossings will reopen to traffic Sunday morning. The Sufa Crossing will allow a maximum of 80 trucks loaded with equipment and other goods to enter the region.

The Erez Crossing never closed, despite numerous attacks. This is the conduit through which personnel from humanitarian agencies and Gaza residents requiring medical care in pre-1967 Israel travel to and from the area.

The Nahal Oz fuel terminal was opened on Friday to allow transfer of petroleum products into Gaza, during which time it was shelled by terrorists.

Khaled al-Batch, spokesman for the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Gaza, told reporters on Saturday, "If the crossings do not reopen, if the siege and the aggression does not stop, the 'calm' will go up in smoke."

Al-Batch threatened that Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza would retaliate against IDF counterterrorism operations carried out in Judea and Samaria. The Egyptian-mediated agreement does not apply outside of Gaza.

Hamas terrorist commander Mahmoud a-Zahar later warned that, "There is an agreement between Islamic Jihad and Hamas, stating that all people from Jihad or Hamas who violate this accord will be arrested and their weapons confiscated."

A-Zahar added that those who were responsible for the attack on the Nahal Oz terminal during the transfer of fuel to the terrorist-controlled region had been arrested.

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