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Saudi cleric teaches boy to hate, curse Jews

Khaled Al-Khlewi is clearly a Misunderstander of Islam, isn't he? Can we get Honest Ibe Hooper of CAIR or some other enlightened moderate to go over to Saudi Arabia and straighten him out? Note that this vile bit of hatred and incitement aired on Al-Jazeera. "Saudi Cleric Khaled Al-Khlewi Teaches Children to Hate Jews," from MEMRITV, January 11 (posted more recently), with thanks to all who sent this in:

Following are excerpts from an address by Saudi cleric Khaled Al-Khlewi, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on January 11, 2009.

Khaled Al-Khlewi: The [Jewish] Qaynuqa tribe betrayed the Prophet Muhammad. A woman went to a Jewish market in order to buy a piece of jewelry. The members of the Qaynuqa tribe were the most ruthless and wealthiest Jews. When the Muslim woman reached the market, what did they do to her? A Jew sneaked behind her, and tied her gown to her headdress, so when she tried to get up, her private parts were exposed. She cried for help, and one of the Prophet’s companions came and killed the Jew. Then the Jews ganged up on him and killed him. When the Prophet Muhammad learned about this, he fought the Qaynuqa tribe and banished them. This is the only way to deal with them.

Note that he considers Muhammad's behavior exemplary and paradigmatic.

In the case of the Qurayza tribe – or rather, the Nazir tribe – the Prophet Muhammad went to them, and learned against a wall. Some of the Jews said: “The Prophet Muhammad is leaning against the wall. Someone should go to the top of the roof and throw a rock on his head.” Then the Angel Gabriel appeared, and informed the Prophet in advance about this treachery. So the Prophet Muhammad banished them. The Prophet carried out the greatest killing among the Qaynuqa tribe, because they had violated their covenant with him.

So, my friends, the conclusion we may draw from this introduction is that with the Jews, nothing works but force. Memorize the following parable, just like I learned it from others: “Kiss the head of a Jew, and he will deceive you – deceive him, and he will kiss your head.” The Jew is treacherous, disloyal, deceitful, and belligerent by nature. Nothing works with him but force.


Who can tell us the slogan that points to the geographic [aspirations] of the Jews? What is their slogan?

Well done! Come up here, my dear… Excellent! Come on up, this way. Come here, my dear, here, so we can see you.

Eight-year-old Omar comes to the stage

Khaled Al-Khlewi: Welcome, my dear. [kisses him] What’s your name?

Omar: Omar.

Khaled Al-Khlewi: Omar? Allah Akbar. They hate Omar and are afraid of him. Omar what? What’s your dad’s name?

Omar: Mahmoud.

Projection Alert: Al-Khlewi proceeds to paint a false picture of Israeli territorial aspirations, beginning with a grotesque parody of the Palestinian chant, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free":

Khaled Al-Khlewi: And your mom’s name? [covers Omar’s mouth as he is about to say her name] No, don’t tell us mom’s name, there’s no need. Right? Well, dear, what is the slogan of the Jews? From the…

Omar: From the river to the Euphrates.

Khaled Al-Khlewi: From the Nile to the Euphrates. Let’s rephrase it: From the Euphrates to the Nile. Now let me complete it for you: And from the cedar to the palm tree. Okay. Who can tell me which countries this represents? From the Euphrates to the Nile – two countries. From the cedar to the palm tree – two countries. Four countries altogether. Who can explain this expression, by telling me what countries it refers to? Go ahead.

Iraq and Egypt. Well done. “From the Euphrates” means Iraq. “To the Nile” means Egypt. “From the cedar” – where’s that? Lebanon. “To the palm tree”? Saudi Arabia – because they believe that Al-Madina belongs to them, and that they should return to it.

The problem is not Gaza alone. They have broader aspirations. The Arab rulers and politicians must understand this problem. The Jews are motivated by religious considerations, not only by political, economic, or geographic considerations. They are motivated by their religion, and they want to achieve this.

What is your first name – Mahmoud, right? And your dad’s name? What’s your first name?

Omar: Omar.

Khaled Al-Khlewi: How old are you, Omar?

Omar: Eight years old.

Khaled Al-Khlewi: Do you like the Jews?

Omar: No.

Khaled Al-Khlewi: You hate them. Why do you hate them? What did the Jews do?

Omar: They wanted to kill the Prophet Muhammad.

Khaled Al-Khlewi: Well done. They wanted to kill the Prophet Muhammad. And what are they doing to our Muslim brothers now? They are killing them. When you curse them, what do you say? “Oh God…”?

Omar: Oh God, destroy the Jews.

Khaled Al-Khlewi: Well done. “And support…”?

Omar: The Muslims.

Khaled Al-Khlewi: The Muslims. Well done, my dear. Do you want to come with me to Saudi Arabia? I have a son like you, called Abdallah. You can play with him. Will you come with me? Will you give me this nice jacket you are wearing? Let me give you some water… May Allah protect you. I will give you this book and some water. Goodbye, my dear.Thanks Jihad Watch

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