Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wizard of Oz or, the Man behind the Curtain… aka Obama

Arlene Peck

After living in Marina del Rey, California, and being in the film industry for the past twenty years, I've accepted living in La La Land… better known as the Land of Oz. However I don't know how much more I can handle the Obama worship. They wanted “change” and we are getting it! Our founders would drop dead all over again if they saw how Obama has already turned America into a Socialist nation. Everything is changing, yet, too much is staying the same. I know that we, as a nation, have “dumbed down” considerably over the past few years. However, it wasn’t so long ago that you should have forgotten the campaign promises of Candidate Obama.

Remember the teleprompter speeches where he, as a candidate, said, “I don’t tolerate earmarks!! If necessary, when bills that have them are placed on my desk I will go over each and every one of them, if necessary line by line”!

Yeah, right. Until he had a bill that he wanted passed, and the Messiah conveniently forgets to note the almost 9,000 pork bills that he wanted passed for an additional trillion dollars. We’re at almost ten trillion or, is that zillion, and climbing. I don’t know how you feel about his financial “leadership” but it scares the hell out of me.

I tried; but, I can’t wait until the first hundred days to mention how minute by minute, we're sinking into the abyss of socialism with the new government's idea “change.” Change? We got it, alright. And now, I’ve just about lost hope.

Did I mention that Obama was the second largest recipient of the AIG “donations?” He almost made #1 on that list of AIG largesse with $101,332; but, Sen. Chris Dodd won that “lottery” and came in first at $103,332. Gee, has anyone asked him to “donate” that back to “the people?” I don’t remember even hearing about it much.

But, truth be told, that is only a drop in the bucket of my concerns. Do any of you remember any discussions of AIG’s promotion of Sharia (Islamic law) in its Takaful division? That, for you novices like me, is the Sharia-compliant insurance section of AIG. For you doubters out there who think I’m on another hate speech rampage, why don’t you go to the AIG Takaful web site where they gleefully tell you it, “Avoids prohibited elements in accordance with Sharia law.” Also, “We do not invest in anything that is haram (prohibited under Sharia). We do not borrow, lend or enter into any financial transaction that is not Islamic.”

So, now the American taxpayer is directly funding sectarian Islamic religious activities. Don’t believe me? Go check out a lawsuit being conducted by the Thomas Moore Law Center against the government. Or, Google either one of the only two elected officials, Representative Myrick, R NC, or Frank Wolf, R-VA, who have publicly come out against the US government’s AIG Sharia-bailout.

Hmm, I wonder if Messiah Obama knew of the Islamic ties when he collected his money. Even if he didn’t, do you think his involvement right? Now that I think of it, the man who swore he’d never consider using lobbyist and now has an administration full of them. He even hired as Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, who before his job for Obama earned at least $320,000 in a 14-month stint on the board of mortgage giant, Freddie Mac. Gee, I wonder if he’s going to receive a multi-million dollar severance from them. I’ll bet, though, you never even knew that … did you?

Amazing that in such a short period of time, his administration has been able to carefully construct a series of conditions in which he is the head honcho of manipulation. Obama is working non-stop and, as a result, we are now a socialist nation. A once democratic nation now has a new agenda under which everything will continue to be controlled by massive government bureaucracy.

Truthfully folks, can you name me one area where government has been the solution of anything? As President Regan once said, "government is never the solution... it is the problem!"

How can we trust that the people who got us into this mess in the first place will now get us out? We are creating a culture which contrary to the American spirit.

Remember when he said, before the election, that he intends to spread the wealth? And, Obama announced himself as a “citizen of the world." Well, folks, I am having a lot of difficulty with that concept. You see, I grew up as a citizen of the USA. My parents were charitable and gave to good causes. But, they were old fashioned enough to believe with hard work and education anyone could become successful. I was taught those same ethics and did my best to pass them on to my children.

They did little jobs around the house to earn their allowances. They sold cookies and flower seeds as class projects. My son even went to work for the newspaper and became a “group leader” in high school, which gave him an override on the people they sold subscriptions too! My daughters had the entrepreneurial spirit and started their own “businesses.” This, I believe, was the foundation of the success that they've achieved today. Now however, I’m seeing the basic principles that I've tried to live by being destroyed. The new “leadership,” or lack thereof, is teaching that individual achievement is a “bad thing;” all they need to do is have trust in the government and everything will be just fine as individual leadership and ambition are crushed.

Obama and company are on a 'fast track' to restructure everything from education and medical care, to interfering with your charitable donations. Soon, it will be the charity that the government deems appropriate;

Recently, I went to the library and checked out the classic "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. We have become so dumbed down that I'm almost grateful that books such as this and George Orwell’s "1984" haven't been banned or burned. Yet. Entire schools of enlightenment have sprung up because of the philosophy we learned from them. What is so upsetting is that they were written in the 1930's, and we are living everything that was predicted so long ago? Big Brother is now in our lives ... big time. And, folks, I don't like it one bit.

I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I blame both of these inept parties for the mess that we find ourselves in today. What I find astounding is how a full twenty-five percent of these people who are in our House of Representatives, Senate and Executive branch of our government, not only got us into this depression, but have never had a “real job.” And, this goes double for our illustrious president.

A moron should be able see that we, as a nation, are on a fast road to financial disaster. The budget that our vacuum of leadership has created is beyond financial irresponsibility, it’s criminal! And, because Obama is charming, my neighbors believe him when he praises Timothy Geithner, the same way he once touted Rev. Wright.

When my son was in high school and had his “team,” he had to keep records about the progress or lack thereof; he had to keep showing what they were doing. Yet, this body of people went right into politics from college and haven't a clue as to what is needed in the “real world” to earn a living. Yet, these are the people that we, in our stupidity, have turned over our finances and allowed to quadruple debt for future generations, in order to 'bail us out of the disaster that they created in the first place.

What gives Obama the experience to tell the country how and where their savings are going to go? What in his background gives him the knowledge to know what we should be doing to get out of this quagmire of gook that we find ourselves?

Certainly not from his years of working as a county organizer. Or , his close relationship with the dubious organization, "Acorn?” If I had my druthers, I'd feel a lot more comfortable if there were men like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Sam Walton, Steve Forbes, etc., or even, Oprah, giving directions of how we should be handling our finances. These are men and women who actually know how to run businesses and make money. That won't happen because such people are now in the process of being demonized and soon will the enemy as the filthy rich.

And, speaking of that, I find it ironic that so many of my neighbors in the film industry not only supported Obama, but contributed heavily to his campaign. It wasn’t so long ago that the “Hollywood crowd” was a “good thing;” but these people were stupid enough to think that the euphoria would continue once their “friend in Washington” got into power. It’s amazing how shocked they were, SHOCKED, to have not even been invited to the inauguration.

My goodness, do you think that they are getting a taste of what the big donors from Israel who live out here are also beginning to experience. The truth is emerging that Mr. Obama ain’t no friend of Israel. The columns are already beginning to emerge that Israel’s leaders are being snubbed by the White House.

Frankly, I hope it continues because my gut feeling is that when he does have a minute to devote to his solutions in the Middle East, it’s going to be nothing but harmful to the Jewish state. In fact, one of the first items on Obama’s agenda was to give over a billion, with a “B” of our hard earned dollars to support Hamas terrorism under the guise of rebuilding Gaza. The translation to that is that Hamas will take that money and spend it to re-arm itself and build more tunnels in order to complete its stated mission: Israeli genocide.

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