Monday, September 28, 2009

Thailand: Jihadists murder three Muslims

Jihad Watch

Ever wonder why genuinely peaceful Muslims don't speak out more forthrightly against the jihadists? Here is one reason. Apparently these people were killed for not joining the jihad. (There are other reasons why peaceful Muslims don't speak up -- most notably that they know that the jihadists have the Koran and Sunnah on their side.) "Three Muslims killed in restive Thai south: police," from AFP, September 27 (thanks to Maxwell):

NARATHIWAT, Thailand -- Suspected Islamic militants have shot dead three Muslims in separate attacks in Thailand's troubled south this weekend, local police said Sunday.

A Muslim army sergeant, 33, and his wife were shot on Saturday evening by three gunmen hidden at the roadside as they travelled home by motorcycle in Narathiwat province.

The man died instantly while his wife died later in hospital, police said.

On Sunday, a Muslim defence volunteer was killed and a local district chief injured when a bomb was detonated near a mosque in Yala province.

Defence volunteers are trained and armed by the state to protect civilians against insurgents. Some 3,900 people have died in a five-year insurgency in the southernmost provinces of Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat and parts of Songkhla, led by shadowy militants who have killed Buddhists and Muslims alike.

The region was an autonomous Malay Muslim sultanate until it was annexed by predominantly Buddhist Thailand in 1902, sparking decades of tension.

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