Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Warning shots across our bow-pay attention

It's starting again!

David Wilder
A7 News

On Sunday, Yom Kippur eve, Arabs again started hurling rocks at worshipers at the Western Wall from Temple Mount above. Rock-throwing and fire-bomb attacks are continuing in Ir David - the city of David. Similar attacks are continuing on other roads throughout Judea and Samaria Rocket are falling in the south, initiated from terrorist-held Gaza.

And now, again, we receive news of a terror shooting in the Binyamin region, not far from the Shilo community, between Shvut Rachel and Achiya. An Israeli was 'moderately' injured, with a bullet hitting near his elbow.

It was only a few weeks ago in Bethlehem when the 'moderate' Abu-Mazen terrorist force, Fatah "retained the armed struggle as a strategy in order to liberate the whole of Palestinian and eliminate Israel...calling for ‘the liberation of Palestine completely and the elimination of the state of the Zionist occupation economically, politically, militarily, and culturally’. And ...calling for ‘establishing a sovereign democratic Palestinian state on the entire Palestinian territory’. So clarifies the Jewish Center for Public Affairs (JCPA)

Knessent member Ahmad Tibi, said that the palestinian territory should be “cleaned” of Israeli settlers

In other words, armed struggle is certainly still part of their game. Only a couple of days ago Jibril Rajoub, former PA Hebron chief, and now a leading member of the Fatah committee, was quoted as saying, "Israel won't live securely until occupation ends."

These are the moderates. And the violence is starting again. This is clearly a reaction to Netanyahu's refusal to kowtow to King Hussein's demands for a total 'settlement freeze.' The king wants at least a year. Netanyahu refused, offering 'only' nine months. King Hussein's Cairo speech and that in the UN make it clear as day: he's backing the Arabs against Israel.

With that kind of support, why should the enemy wait. After all, following Goldstone, they figure that Israel won't dare retaliate in any drastic fashion, no matter how many rockets fall on southern Israel.

Israeli leaders must stop the 3rd intifada before it takes off. This intifada will include rockets from the south, and very possibly from the north, as well as terror throughout Israel. It seems that a green light is about to be turned on, signaling commencement of a third wave of killing.

Israel has the ability to stop the terror, even before it begins. In the past, Israeli leaders, for whatever reason, refused to act decisively until many too many Israeli were dead and injured. This is inexcusable. As Israel prepares to deal with Iranian nuclear threat, it cannot ignore the immediate danger to its citizens from hate-filled Arabs close to home, whose only desire is to kill as many Jews as possible and bring about the destruction of the State of Israel.

Bibi and his government must hit back now, and hit back hard.

Comment: This is a land of constant tests: of power, of will, of motivation, of perseverance and much more. Bibi's next test has arrived-learn from history-these acts are the warning shots that precede an intifada. The enemy awaits only "the right excuse" to launch the war. Intervene now with actions in Judea and Samaria-turn the situation to our favor. Link the actions we take to the inappropriate,terror acts of our Arab enemies-immediately set back up the road blocks we took down-have bloggers write about the connection-set the stage with proactive posts-we will help. Don't react, pro-act-of course our citizens have the right to worship-they were attacked, unprovoked. Our citizens in the South, did nothing but worship, pray and sit with family yet they ran for their lives as rockets attacked their towns. Need I go on?

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