Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More media fraud:Telegraph recycles Gaza war photo to distort today's reality

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Pro-jihad mainstream media bias is universal and relentless. And the Telegraph is one of the more modest offenders. "Telegraph Caught Recycling Gaza War Photo to Distort Today's Reality," from Honest Reporting, June 29 (thanks to Andy Infdl): Why does the Daily Telegraph choose to reuse an image from the 2009 Gaza conflict to inaccurately portray the present day?

Photo bias is one of the most insidious forms of anti-Israel media bias and HonestReporting has addressed a number of recent examples, including AFP/Getty and Reuters wire services. Sometimes, however, the newspapers themselves are responsible for misusing imagery.

The following story and accompanying photo appeared in the UK's biggest selling broadsheet, the Daily Telegraph, on 17 June 2010:


Although there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and even more aid is pouring in from Israel, the Telegraph's photo gives the impression that Gaza is a warzone.

We weren't convinced. Unable to locate this AP photo in searches of recent images from the wire services in Gaza, we dug a little deeper until we found the very same photo with its original caption taken on 14 January 2009 during Operation Cast Lead...

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