Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Resetting Israel

Nurit Greenger

In 1948, the key to their ancient homeland was returned to the Jewish Nation, which, at that point, was scattered all over the world. The Jews, whom the Roman Empire expelled from their homeland in Judea and Jerusalem, could finally return to their home from which they were kept away for over 2000 years. This international effort brought the about the case of finally ending, forever, the Jewish victimhood Diaspora mentality. Yet, to a large extent, Jews cannot shake off this mentality. Even Israelis, the privileged citizens of the only sovereign Jewish state in the entire world, still act along a victimhood mentality, this time being the useful idiots victims of the Israeli Left Wing Elite. The Israeli Liberal-Leftist Elite group toxicity is ruing Israel's fiber and is systematically diminishing its possibility to endure and survive.

The time has come to vigorously confront the Israeli Left Wing Elite and its agenda and get the flock that is listening to them, even agreeing with them and their cohorts abroad, to abscond them and join the "other" camp; the Zionist, nationalist and patriotic Israeli camp!

Since the 1967 Six Day War, it is clear that Israelis have been suffering from a progressing failure of collective memory. So so many Jews living outside Israel. They keep on forgetting what are the multiple reasons that have brought Israel to its current position of isolation and forever being attacked, hardly with any justifications, by the international community.

Along with blaming Israel for all of the Arabs' problem s, many accuse Israelis of being racists. However, the real definition of racism is 'Expecting a Jew to die willingly at the expense of the Arabs, aka 'Palestinians', inconvenience." This is true RACISM! Have Jews forgotten this key element already!? Expecting a Jew to give up the right to self defense is Racism! Remember, for over 2,000 years Jews lost this right, now revived, and must be protected by all means.

One huge failure is that the Israeli Left Elite has bought into the Arabs, aka "Palestinians" narrative. They have bought into the GIANT hoax of all, the "Palestinian" nationalism.

Once the Arabs realized that war will not bring Israel to its knees and will not end its existence, the Arabs resorted to a very successful public relations war Israel lost to them years ago. This war is fought with a deceptive narrative that consists of a none existing "Palestinian" nationalism and distorted history that claims the land belongs to them. The true narrative of the Arabs is not to establish a state, rather to dismantle other states. To dismantle the State of Israel. "Palestine" is simply a hypothetical fiction, and the "Palestinian" nation, is an Arab colonial invention.

This narrative must be eliminated. To rebuttal this narrative until it is no more, Israelis, with the help of all their supporters, Jews and non-Jews, must delegitimize the "Palestinians" narrative. Meaning, delegitimizing and depoliticizing the "Palestinian" state from the international agenda.

In the late 1980's Israel's leadership took the first leap of faith step towards possible peace with the Arab without studying and taking into account all the long terms political repercussions the "peace" idea carried. We then first heard the two states for two people, the two state solution idea. This idea took on so many versions, it is now only a meaningless word, mostly used in ill intend rhetoric. BUT, if it comes to par, it is the greatest threat to Israel existence. In fact, Israel will not survive if an Arab state is established in Judea and Samaria!

From a topographic , demographic and security reason, add to it Jewish history and heritage, there cannot be an Arab state in Judea and Samaria. Israelis and the pro-Israel camp must know this and act accordingly.

If the two state [de]solution - delusion becomes reality after all, and the Arabs will be given a state in Judea and Samaria, one might as well look upon the entire State of Israel as one large, high security jail yard and the new Arab state, nestled in the Judea and Samaria hills, as he Jail yard guard towers. This Arab state, many already call "Palestine" will be watching every move the Israeli inmates in the State of Israel yard make. One wrong move, one bad hair day for the guards at the towers, and the guards will be shooting at the Jewish inmates, mowing then down. Agreeing to make Judea and Samaria an Arab state is every Israeli simply giving up the rights to self defense.

One other issue to deal with immediately, is the United Nations Organization that has been horrendous perpetrator of the human problems in the Middle East. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, acronym UNRWA, was established following the 1948 Arab-Israel War, Israel War of Independence. Its only frame of work is to take care of the Arabs, known as "Palestinians" refugees, humanitarian needs but not to merge them into a normal society in which they will be required to be productive members. In the past sixty years UNRWA, with enormous financial backing, has created an Arabic society that lives on the dole. It is, however, the life line of the "Palestinian" refugees and it has had nothing but an approved record of failure. The other UN organization body that helps all other world refugees, is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, acronym UNHCR. It was established in December 14, 1950 an has an approved record of success. Ending the life of UNRWA will be the beginning or ending the "Palestinian" refugee problem that had been deliberately perpetuated by UNRWA, with the support of the Arab nations and the endless financial backing of the USA and the Europeans.

Once UNRWA will lose its funding, it will simply implode into UNHCR. The world must then demand that the Arab nations end discriminating the Arabs, calling themselves "Palestinians." The world must demand these Arabs are treated by their brethren as they demand of Israel to treat them, with dignity and respect and give them all the human rights they deserve.

The "Palestinians" are the Public Relations Division of the Arabs.

It is not "Peace Now"; it is peace eventually and there are conditions attached to it that must guarantee that the State of Israel survives and thrives. Until then we, the pro-Israel - Jews and non-Jews - camp, collectively, must become the Public Relations Division of the Jewish State of Israel.

Comprehensive solution to the two state [de]solution can only be achieved by the Jewish Nation political determination in its ancient Jewish State. The point of departure: Israel is the home of the Jews. Only when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable it is, it must be the truth on which one must act. To this point, Israelis and Jews have failed the test of history.

We enjoyed the days when Israelis and their leaders had the kind of chutzpa no one had; they were feisty and stood their ground to preserve each square millimeter of their land. We eagerly want to see this type of behavior from Israelis and Israel's leadership rise again and takes control of the country's future.

Total resetting of Israel is the first step to a brighter future.

Rise And Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions!

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