Friday, August 27, 2010

"It's an obligation for all Muslims to fully apply the sharia. I'm here to make sure that happens."

Jihad Watch

Sounds as if Mochammad Achwan is some kind of Islamophobe. "Terrorist vows war on Indonesian police," from AFP, August 27:

A convicted terrorist who took over the leadership of an Indonesian Islamist group after the arrest of patriarch Abu Bakar Bashir vowed on Friday to wage violent jihad against the police. Mochammad Achwan has been named leader of Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT), a radical Islamist group, to replace Bashir after the firebrand 78-year-old cleric was arrested this month for allegedly financing a terrorist organisation.

A shoemaker turned Islamist militant, Achwan was convicted for the bombing of the iconic Borobudur Buddhist temple in Java in 1985 and an attempted bombing of Bali's famous Kuta tourist beach in 1986.

He spent 15 years in jail before being pardoned in 1999 and released in 2000, but says he has no intention of giving up his Muslim "obligation" to wage violent jihad ("holy war") for the introduction of Islamic or sharia law.

"Why would I give up the fight after all these years? It's an obligation for all Muslims to fully apply the sharia. I'm here to make sure that happens," Achwan said in an interview with The Jakarta Post.

He said violence was permissible for all Muslims who had the right training, and rejected democracy in Indonesia, the biggest Muslim-majority country in the world.

"We have actually been under physical attack from the police's anti-terror squad Detachment 88. Those who can fight back are permitted to use violence as long as they have the necessary resources and capabilities," he said....

"For those who do not yet have the necessary resources to wage violent confrontation, they should wait and remain patient as their time will come. The battle still has a long way to go," Achwan said.

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