Thursday, January 27, 2011


David Basch
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But ..."

Learning from reports that Israeli governments have been in communication with
Arab leaders, who are reported as desiring peace -- now where have I heard that
before? -- is not any report that I can be hopeful about. I certainly don't trust the
Arabs and certainly not Israeli leaders who, time and again, are led on the basis
of Arab promises to drop Israel's guard. After all, did not old Yassir promise the leftist negotiators and Rabin that he wanted
peace? And what happened? On the basis of Yassir's encouraging words, Israel
brought that terrorist and his whole terrorist Arab army back to Israel, set them
up in control of enclaves and gave them all kinds of Israeli aid, so that they could
strike against Israel, producing intifadas and dead and maimed Israelis galore.

It seems to work every time with liberals since liberals have a kind of ideological
religion that sees every Nazi as really wanting peace and only waiting for kind words
from Israel to turn their hearts to brothers of the Israeli peace-nics. This is compelling
to leftists since it validates their stupid philosophy that liberalism turns hearts. It
certainly turns Jewish brains into mush.

Reading the article about such secret meetings in Wall Street Journal this morning,
I learned how Israel supports the strengthening of Arab forces to keep the peace in the
territories and reduces Israeli forces there -- in other words, weakens Israeli forces --
all to the music of cooing Arab voices about peace sung into the ears of the yearning
leftist ideologists. These leftists knew all the time that the Arabs only needed Israeli
understanding and surrenders. Besides, the latter essentially affected only the
traditional Jews that both Arabs and Jewish liberals hated in common. Little did
the liberal mental midgets know that the surrenders put in motion would affect liberal
Israelis too, as did the earlier surrenders of Israeli territories and Gaza.

See. The Arabs have learned from the Bible, how Levi and Shimon courted the Shechem-ites,
who were holding their sister Dinah prisoner. The Shechem-its, letting down their guard,
enabled the few of the children of Israel to wipe them out. So intent were the Shechemites
to get the booty from Israel that they bought into the ruse on the theory that the Jews
wanted the wealth that the Shechemites dangled before them, not realizing that the brothers
were reacting to the disgrace of their dishonored sister.

Well, it is the Arabs that have learned that lesson well and it is the Israeli leftists that have
forgotten it, along with the realization about how eaten up in anger are the Arabs about Jews
who have taken over "Islamic lands. Blind to such realities of hatred -- it does not exist in the
leftist psyche except when it comes to their hatred of religious Jews -- the leftist Jews have
eradicated such thoughts as possibly affecting their Arab brothers, with whom they find
commonality in hatred of religious Jewry --? that these leftists fail to realize that the Arabs
also hate leftist like them and so the leftists fall hook line and sinker for the bait that makes
Arab treachery work.

I see this in operation in tandem with a Netanyahu, who thinks economics is the
master key that makes Arabs forget their hatred of infidels. Netanyahu struts along, remarking
how the Arab economy grows by 8% and more. He thinks how smart he is to know that
refrigerators and Nike sneakers will change Arab hearts so that they will forget Islam and
and will live in peace with the Jews they despise.

But unlike liberals, I have respect for Arab determination to rid the Middle East of Israel --
their cherished Islamic goal. I have so much respect for it that I think Israel ought to be very
careful about giving the Arabs another chance to pull off another surprise attack. The Arabs
succeeded in this in 1973, spreading stories about Egyptian army incompetence, to the point
that leftist Uri Savir noted -- I heard him say it in the US with my own ears -- that "three months
before the 73 war, no one in Israel expected it."

And wasn't Rabin surprised when Arafat turned on Israel after being allowed to return? And what
leftist wasn't surprised when the Arabs rocketed Israeli cities from the Gaza that Israel turned over
to them? Certainly, the Netanyahu who didn't oppose that surrender was surprised.

So are the? Arabs cooking up another surprise, taking in credulous leftist Israeli leaders like
Netanyahu with a new round of peace overtures -- overtures incidentally that are kept secret so that
the Arab masses still keep their virulent hatred of Jews intact and continue to have confidence
in their Arab leaders?

The reality is that the Arabs want Israel destroyed. Israel will be able to hold out against this
as long as Israel is strong. But when Israel gives up her strength and vital strategic
territory to the Arab enemy, Israel undermines the strength necessary for Israel to survive. The
Arabs will not make peace with an Israel they think they can defeat and Israel is foolish if it
gives the Arabs the reasons to think they will prevail.

And if Israelis are not alert to the grave dangers they face and begin to rely on the Arabs
to keep peace with a weakening Israel, we can kiss Israel goodbye and we will learn one
day from a surprised Netanyahu how "nobody knew three months before the catastrophe
that occurred that it was upon us."

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But what about "Fool me
five times" as happens to Israel? It happens because leftists are obsessed with their stupid
ideology that keeps them from seeking victory over the enemy. One day, God forbid, they
may set a record in the history books that will make Charlie Brown's gullibility look like
Solomonic wisdom.

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