Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Blue and White Logo, "I Am Made In Israel"

Lily Steiner

Israel has created the best technologies of the 21st century, and the produce and dairy it exports are also amongst the best in the world. When Israel recognizes its strength, as ‘best in so many fields’, and owns that fact, the issue of delegitimization will no longer be effective, and the U.N. and the E.U. will no longer be able to brand it as a pariah state.

Unlike the U.N, the majority of individuals in the world are not obsessed with Israel in any way. Sports, family 'stuff', NASCAR and thousands of other matters take a much higher priority. So, when this vast majority of the population, of most countries, start noticing a new tag, or label, on the electronic items and food items and produce they are buying and seeing in the stores, new awareness will enter their subconscious. A small, blue and white square, they will see in each item, that means, it was made or developed in Israel, all of a sudden will make them start developing a positive association with Israel. They may not be interested in wars, Israelis or Palestinians, but, just like that little Intel chip logo, when they start to see a ‘Made in Israel’ logo on more and more of what they buy and use, that is a pretty powerful and positive association. No need for words, no need for pictures, just a small, blue and white logo that days it all and will eventually become more recognizable than the Intel logo.

Instead of being afraid of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) Campaigns, simply challenge them to get along without products with an Israeli connection. Be proud and trust that more people want the best products and are smart enough to know the Israelis are the good guys. Instead of being afraid of that small group, of loud and noisy naïve impressionable radicals, who have been sold a pack of distorted, half truths and lies, by the same groups who have kept the Palestinians in squalor as a ‘showcase’ for propaganda, trust the majority that knows and finally let the truth win out. Yes, It is true, the Israelis are and always have been the good guys.

The Government of Israel, wake up! You need to stop selling Israeli goods to the Arabs under disguise. Your technology and quality of goods is too valuable to be hidden. If the Arabs do not want to buy the best, let them buy from others. The choice is theirs. You know there are many things they cannot buy from anyone else in the world, why do you allow them to make you small, insignificant and belittle you?

Announce and proudly display what you have created.

Put a small plaque on every single product that has even one part that was developed or produced in Israel.

Israel must proudly brand its accomplishments. If the Arabs and Anti-Semites of all sorts can make it better, let them try - but let the BRAND of 'MADE IN ISRAEL' stand proudly behind all the good things it shares with the world.

Let every medical device, every piece of technology, together with every piece of food or produce, from oranges and cucumber, to tomatoes and apples, and even flowers, be the symbol of the Israeli Parliament-Knesset.

If an Israeli part is inside a telephone, or a computer, rewrite the contracts that mandates the Israeli Parliament-Knesset Symbol be displayed on the device and packaging from, Panasonic to Motorola, and it must be a non-negotiable, a mandate from the government. Enough is enough already

Let these Symbols proudly announce 'I AM FROM ISRAEL,' 'I AM WHAT THE JEWISH PEOPLE GIVE TO THE WORLD.'

Is this not a better, more productive way, than trying to verbally fight against the boycott and divestment people and the useful idiots on the Left, both within Israel and the Diaspora?

If an Arab country does not permit an Israeli passport holder, or even an individual with an Israeli stamp into their country, let them know they are the ones missing out, they are behind the times and politically incorrect – ISRAEL is PROUD of who it is, what it stand for and what it does.

Let Israel list the aid it gives to the Palestinians, together with the commerce it provides.

Israel is loved when it is strong. The Six Day War, the rescue from Entebbe, the first to arrive in Haiti – make the awareness of Israel’s contribution to everyone’s life so well known that our enemies cannot hide behind the lies, like the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Israel must take back its pride and stop lurking in back doors. BRAND IT ‘MADE IN ISRAEL’, BE PROUD!

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