Wednesday, November 14, 2012

COP: One Graph That Shows Which Party Really Looks Like America

“Why is the Republican Party so white?” is the great whine issuing forth from the fat mouths of a thousand media outlets.

The Republican Party needs to be a party that “looks more like America” is the big lie of the left. So let’s take a look at the racial composition of Americans and the percent of the racial vote that Democrats and Republicans received to see which party really looks more like America.

There’s America in gray. And the Republican Party in red right next to it. And there’s the Democratic Party off to the side looking nothing like America.
In all cases, the Republican vote is closer to the demographics of America than the Democratic vote.

The racial composition of America is 63 percent white. Romney received 59 percent of the white vote with 39 percent left over for Obama.
While the 223.6 million white Americans, who look like America and whom America looks like, were not fully represented by either party; they were most represented by the Republican Party. The Democratic Party really needs to work on its share of the white vote because the Democratic Party no longer looks like America.
White Americans are the majority in 49 of the 50 state and also continue to act as a swing vote, determining presidential elections by shifting one way or another, in contrast to other some racial groups who narrow-mindedly vote as a bloc.
The Republican share of the vote shows inclusiveness picking up the votes of two out of three minority groups at a greater percentage than their representation in the population.
The racial composition of America is 16 percent Hispanic. The Republican Party exceeded the Hispanic share of the population in its representation by picking up 27 percent of the Hispanic vote. The Democrats got 71 percent of their vote, which is impressive, but another reminder that the Democratic Party does not look like America.
Asians make up 5 percent of America. Republicans picked up 26 percent of their vote. Democrats picked up 73 percent of the Asian vote. Again the Republicans picked up a larger share of the Asian vote than the representation of Asians in the population.
Blacks make up 13 percent of the population. Republicans picked up 6 percent of the Black vote. Only among Blacks did Romney pick up a lower share of the vote than their proportion in the American population. And if Romney had not been running against a black candidate, he would have probably matched Bush’s 11 percent of the black vote, which is fairly comparable to the black racial demographics of America.
The Republican share of the vote from 2012 is closest to the demographic picture of America. Two out of three minority groups are overrepresented. And only black people are underrepresented for reasons that have to do with racial pride, not a lack of Republican inclusiveness.
The Republican Party looks like America. The Democratic Party does not. And it is the Democratic Party that needs to work harder to be more representative of America.


Anonymous said...

If the republican vote "looked like America," Romney would have won. Face it - the days of white hegemony are over. Republicans can no longer win by courting strictly to white voters. They are going to have to ask for the non-white vote, and they will have to start by enacting policies that represent interests other than that of white males.

Anonymous said...

I will be surprised if my comment is actually published....

GS Don Morris, Ph.D./Chana Givon said...

Interesting interpretation of the article-thanks for taking the time to respond. Mr. Greenfield does not have the same perception. Of course many of us find it useful to examine the Democratic strategies for taking this election e.g., Obama won but one state that did not have a picture ID and I note that pre-election Democrats were very animated with those of us who believed such a requirement is certainly comparable to the requirements when taking a flight or even cashing a check-but, then again I may be one of "those white guys" my Democratic friends are so keen on admonishing.

GS Don Morris, Ph.D./Chana Givon said...

Guess you are surprised-have no idea why, I am open for educated discussions even when opposing points of view are presented-all the best-doc