Friday, November 16, 2012

Pictures from Israel: the death toll of jihadist savagery

Jihad Watch

Pictures from Israel: the death toll of jihadist savagery

The Palestinian propaganda machine is in full swing, manufacturing Israeli "atrocities" -- atrocities that the jihadis try to provoke by launching attacks from civilian areas, hoping to draw retaliatory fire that they can use for propaganda purposes.
These pictures from The Blaze tell the real story. The one above is just one of many -- click on the link for the rest.



Inb4 Pallywood fictitious tu quoque.
Miraculous recovery by "injured" Gaza man

Hamas and its supporters recycle pictures of Syrian dead, claim them as Palestinian dead
Will the pedohammedan pathological mythomania ever end?.
Islam is a vile, blood-stained creed. Israel is on the front lines of the threat from Jihad—really, the canary in the coal mine.
More of the same. The lies of Hamas:
"He's Jew, not Palestinian.." !!!
What's alarming about this is that these rockets are clearly not the creaky Katyushas and sugar/KNO3 specials that scrappy Palestinian militants have been vollying at Israel for the last couple of decades. Hamas clearly has increased materiel support from foreign elements. And there are too many access points, here, to choke off.
Right now, the Israeli government's response--returning rocket fire--is appropriate. But a major ground offensive is probably a bad idea. There is already huge resentment among secular Israelis toward conscription, in what many see as a fight in support of unpopular settlements:
And Israel can NOT sustain a major regional conflict. This is not 1973: Egypt and other regional powers have vastly improved militaries, and can count on aid from jihadis-in-waiting, from Saudi Arabia to Uzbekistan. These people are willing to donate weapons, money, and their bodies as cannon fodder. Israel also can NOT count on the U.S. for anything more than support. The U.S. Treasury is in a bad state, Democrats and Republicans alike are looking at things to cut, and there is zero public support for deploying American troops into another bloody, costly war in some Middle Eastern sandpit. The reality is that, notwithstanding the rhetoric of people like Pamella Geller and certain fringe Christian movements, Israel has no strategic significance to the United States whatsoever.
Neither Israel's Jewish population, nor the Palestinians will go away, despite the fantasies of religious wackos on both sides. Israelis and Palestinians need to work on a political solution to this mess. Otherwise, the body counts on both sides will only get higher, the conflagration will broaden, and The Israelis and Palestinians will find that the patience of their Western benefactors has reached the end.

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