Monday, August 26, 2013

Update: Murdering Jews simply does count!

And they are talking about a "demilitarized" Palestine? It is already armed and militarized and that is just the beginning and before it was established! Who is fooling whom?  
From: steven plaut <>
Date: Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 7:36 AM
Subject: Israel Needs to Issue an Apology!
 1.   It is time to demand an official investigation of the behavior of the Israeli Border Patrol unit that was in the battle that left three "Palestinians" dead in Qalandiya today near Jerusalem.   I demand to know why ONLY three Palestinians were shot!

    If you are watching the television news on non-Israeli channels, what you will learn from them is that a group of Israeli soldiers burst into Qalandiya and for no possible reason at all started harassing and attacking innocent "Palestinians" who were simply standing around and minding their business.

    Of course if you happen to watch the Israeli news broadcast or even one of the less biased less anti-Semitic news agencies outside Israel like, you will learn that a platoon of Israeli border patrolmen entered Qalandiya with arrest warrants, seeking to apprehend several terrorists.  When their presence was noted, at least a thousand locals attacked the patrolmen with molotov cocktails, large rocks, and other weapons, including live ammunition and automatic rifles.  This was an armed assault by the terrorists against the Border Patrolmen, many of whom are Druse and Bedouins by the way.  The good guys responded as ordered with rubber bullets and tear gas.  When their lives were clearly in danger they used live ammo.  Did I mention that they were being attacked by a lynch mob consisting of more than 1000 terrorists?  A THOUSAND!  Ten to the third power!  The international news agencies are all broadcasting images of Arab youths sitting quietly next to a wall in tears for fears of what became their friends and relatives.  Yeah sure.

   Of the three "Palestinians" shot dead there, two were convicted murderers who had been released as part of the moronic "deal" by Netanyahu to buy back Gilad Shalit by means of releasing terrorists.  Their deaths today providing Israelis with a tiny pinch of closure and justice.

     Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority just announced that it was calling off all "talks" with Israel in  light of this "crime" by Israel.  Now since Netanyahu paid 104 murderers in exchange for the holding of these ridiculous talks, now that the PLO has cancelled them can there possibly be any reason that a sane person would not demand that all of the 104 be re-jailed? 

    The lynch mob is still rioting in Qalandiya as we speak and still engaging in terrorist violence.
     So I demand an apology from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense!  I demand to know why ONLY three terrorists were killed today!

    Oh and it is all very nice that the world is about to bomb Syria for murdering Syrians.  But why did the world never respond with force as long as Syria and its Hezb'Allah puppets were merely murdering Jews (and not just in Israel).   I guess murder of Jews still just does count.

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