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Al Dura: long range ballistic myth

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Nidra Poller (Author)
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From the staged “death” of a Palestinian youth to the real threat of an Iranian bomb
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With her expert knowledge of both France and the Middle East, the Paris-based writer Nidra Poller is uniquely positioned to explore the full ramifications of the al-Dura saga from start to finish. This book should be on the reading list of all those interested in the way some Western media manipulate their coverage of Middle East issues under the guise of regular news reporting. ~Tom Gross former Jerusalem correspondent, The Sunday Telegraph, contributor to The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian
A compelling and incontestable exposé of the propaganda fraud that helped legitimize the Palestinian war of terror (the so-called “al-Aqsa Intifada”) and foments worldwide violence against Israel and Jews. A must read. ~Professor Efraim Karsh Kings College London and Bar-Ilan University

The images broadcast by France 2 on September 30, 2000, allegedly depicting the murder of Mohamed al-Dura and ominously accusing the IDF of deliberate murder, sparked an unprecedented wave of verbal and physical violence against Jews in Israel and around the world. This violence, included the beheading of Daniel Pearl, the lynching of IDF reservists in Ramallah, and the Durban Conference. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Enderlin’s broadcast was worth over a thousand Jewish victims and a vicious defamation campaign against Israel. This blatant case of unethical journalism became an “affair” as Charles Enderlin and his state-funded employer tried to shield themselves, via intimidations and manipulations, from investigation and truth. Nidra Poller’s book sheds light on this dark side of French journalism. With wit, eloquence and facts, Nidra Poller brings a modicum of sanity to a world that badly needs it. ~ Emmanuel Navon Tel Aviv University
This is, to my knowledge, the only comprehensive study of the Al Dura Affair. Nidra Poller follows it day by day, approaching it—as the famous French anthropologist Marcel Mauss would say— as a “total social fact,” the mirror and the microcosm of an entire period, a collective syndrome affecting democratic societies confronted with global jihad. As an American living in France she has the advantage of standing on the front lines in the country most violently struck by the shock of this upheaval. Her book reads like a breathtaking chronicle that traces the chain of events and brings to life the characters of this real life story, gripped by distress in the first decade of the 21st century when the fate of Israel is the barometer of a crisis that is shaking the foundations of democracy. ~Prof. Shmuel Trigano, Université de Paris 10 Nanterre
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