Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cut the Baloney on Ukraine

Retired Adm. James A. Lyons was commander in chief of the U.S. 
Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations
and just wrote in Washington Times
, “The message that President Obama should then send to Russia’s
President Putin is that if you don’t withdraw your troops from the
Ukraine within a specified time frame, we will take down President
Bashar Assad and his forces in Syria.” Does that amount to trading
Ukraine for Syria. Would Russia go for it? Would the US go for it?
Certainly Israel would go for it.
Gelb says that the obvious solution is that “Russia proclaims and
Ukraine accepts greater autonomy for Crimea within a still united
Ukraine.” Seems to me that Russia is calling the shots and not Gelb.
Ted Belman
All countries must stop their lies and self-destructive posturing or
pay costs they’re loath to admit.
Russians, Americans, Europeans, and Ukrainians plunge on toward the
all-time foreign policy record for venality, lying, hypocrisy and
self-destructive maneuvers. They show no shame and scant regard for
consequences. At this moment, Russia is the most to blame for having
transformed a very bad situation into a crisis. Top U.S. officials
contribute with their daily evocation of saintly principles that the
United States itself has often defied. Experts and politicians goad
the White House on with demands for tough actions against Russia that
they surely know will fail. Europeans continue their feckless ways.
And most Ukrainian leaders of all stripes and ethnicities remain
monumentally corrupt and rhetorically dishonest.
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Congratulations Mort Klein
 ZOA Re-Elects Pres. Mort Klein By A Landslide,
 Winning 93% Of The Vote
 PHILADELPHIA, March 9–The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), at
its 97th National Convention, held at the Hilton Hotel in
Philadelphia, has re-elected National President Morton A. Klein, who
garnered a landslide 93% of the vote of ZOA delegates from around the
country. This reflected a clear mandate for Mort Klein’s leadership
of the ZOA on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people and an
overwhelming repudiation of his opponent’s false and outrageous
allegations. In his own speech to the Convention, Mr. Klein answered
virtually all of his opponent’s ludicrous allegations head-on.
 Delegates flew into Philadelphia from Los Angeles, San Diego, San
Francisco, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington D.C., as well as
from Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and other states
to participate in the vote and the Convention deliberations.
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