Monday, March 17, 2014

Extensive Investigative and Harsh Facts Makes One's Blood Boil

I do not like the idea that the government spends public money to advance its own interests, rather than the ones of the public. I despise paying tax that is clearly wasted, in untold sums, on irrelevant and useless causes and programs. But my blood boils and my veins are ready to pop open when I am told, based on extensive investigation and harsh facts, that my money pays to raise generations of terrorists-killers who are forever on a prowl, seeking to kill my fellow man and then, I am either lied about it or my protest is dismissed or ignored. That is basically what the book Financing The Flames: How Tax-Exempt and Public Money Fuel a Culture of Confrontation and Terror in Israel' brings to light. Good American and other Western societies' citizens' hard earned money pays, without their permission, to kill Israelis in the land of Israel, all under the guise of 'international aid' and 'human rights'.
Reading the book leaves me with these sound bites: Political narcissism is cancer in our midst; the result of forgetting the word "truth", the world is experiencing stannic control; anti-Semitism is now in abundance…anti-Semitism means that Jews must not have a state of their own and thus must never have genuine human rights…the anti-Semites of today are all in cahoots to bring the Jews back to the exilic status from which they got freed 66 years ago, and LAST, Western societies are willingly paying to kill Jews and the outcome, the more Jews killed the richer the killer and his family become.

We speak about an enlightened world? I am yet to see the door opened to this enlightenment, as all I see behind this door is unfathomable darkness.
Nurit Greenger, Los Angeles Californian / March 17, 2014

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