Sunday, March 09, 2014

Few Minutes as Prime Minister Netanyahu

Nurit Greenger | March 9, 2014
Once in a while an ordinary citizen would like to slide into the body of a prime minister or a president of a country and sow him or her how to perform their job. For instance….if I am prime minister Netanyahu for few minutes, addressing all western media, here is what I will tell them:

Ladies and gentlemen,
It is time you acknowledge, repetitiously, that Israel is fighting the Fanatic Moslem Ideology (FMI) in order to protect her own land and citizens along with protecting all western societies, as an act of survival, not from a point of egotistic, economic profitability, or power gain.

It is advisable you follow Israel's reports because Israel is letting the world know the truth only; if Israel will deliberately lie, even once, like many other nations do, she will be caught and from then on no one will listen to her, so you can be assured, Reuter Israel is the source to rely on.
Iran's leaders are very smart, conniving and extremely dangerous. For example, the Panamanian ship, caught carrying rockets, heavily packed with dynamite, with final destination, due to be delivered into the hands of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in Gaza, took a reverse marine route in order to throw off and fool the US and Israeli intelligence…from Syria to Iran, then to Iraq and to Egypt via Sudan, with a plan to carry the rockets, en surface, through Sinai desert, to Gaza Strip into the hands of Moslem terrorists, bend on Israel's destructions.
Israel has been warning Western leaders about the Iranian "smiling" politicians who will do all that is possible to keep their country's Nukes' development on course and get the economic sanctions off their back. Take the warnings seriously so we do not have to tell the world, 'we told you so', after too many lost their lives because you took our words irresponsibly light.
and so, here I am reiterating once again. with the hope it sinks in, Israel will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, no matter what the cost is, to Israel and the West; eight million people live in the land of Israel and their lives are precious; I intend to protect them and I will. You want to tell me the lives of other people living in the West is not as precious?
Please follow Israel's model of defense in order to protect all Western societies from the FMI…they are among you and they are waiting to unleash their wrath on you.
Take a heed.
Thank you all.

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