Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We were attacked today

GS Don Morris, Ph.D.

As you will note on my alert, see right hand column, we were attacked by terrorists inside Gaza-30 missiles/rockets were fired in a volley toward multiple targets-it was unprovoked.  I note that the MSM has not reported it at all-BBC did send out a tweet and it was not a featured story.  Be alert and aware that this same MSM is waiting for us, Israel to respond-watch the front page news and the interviews of specific people after we respond. Of course the normal mantra of unven response, por people, dastardly IDF and poor policy.  Restraint will be called for-one side, hypocrisy by MSM?  Rest assurred!

Please write/call/contact local media and ask why they do not report this horrific action by our enemies!  Ask are you waiting for Israel's response?  Will you accurately and fairly report why we took such action or will you...?

Time to be proactive-right now-many thanks-doc

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