Saturday, July 05, 2014

A Letter From Sderot

MC sends his latest report from the front lines, just across the fence from Gaza.
A letter from Sderot
by MC

It is very difficult to describe the feeling of impotence as I sit here in Sderot awaiting the next salvo. I have lived here since 2011, all the time mentally awaiting the missile with my name on it. Recently the rocket fire has become more accurate, and the word ‘guided’ has been attached to the word ‘missile’.
Here in Sderot we are face to face with the core brutality of Islam. Nobody here makes excuses for it. Nobody pretends that Islam is peaceful: that is a Western mythology to which we just give an ironic laugh.
The horror stories of Muslim violence go back many years. The North Africans (Maghrebi) can remember life as Dhimmis before they were thrown out of Morocco and Tunisia. The Mizrahim come from Iraq, they too have stories to tell, none of them nice.
The Russians in their turn were persecuted by both Socialists and (those from the ‘stans’) by the Muslims of the Soviet empire.

So as Hamas try to turn the sheer squalor of their paedocide into anti-Israel propaganda, aided and abetted by the leftist Western Media, it is very easy to miss the point, that this mindset is now embedded in a community somewhere near you — yes, you the reader in Tennessee or Calgary; you, the African American or the ‘white’ Canadian liberal — you, too, (and your children) are in their sights.
So why do I stay here? My wife and I are part of a Torah-keeping community. We do not want to be driven out of our homes by a barbaric pseudo-religion. By continuing to live here, we each in our own way take the war (for this is war) back to Hamas. This is the front line; just by continuing to live here I show that my faith in Yah is greater than their faith in a desert brigand and his dummy deity.
I could take revenge if I wanted, but Yah reserves that for himself.
Qassam missiles are one of the few things on this earth which are totally indiscriminate. Cut down a road sign, take the metal tube and weld on stabilizers made from the plate at the top; take a large tin can and fill it with weedkiller and diesel with a rifle cartridge as detonator and some ball bearings and nails as shrapnel. Fill pipe with rocket propellant made from old newspapers mixed with a few chemicals. The only slightly difficult requirement is a carefully turned jet nozzle(s) fixed on the back.
Find a secluded spot about two miles from target, point in the general direction, light blue touch paper and stand well back. Would this be a ‘disproportionate’ response? Not really, but I am not an animal seeking just to hurt and maim others (sorry; that is an insult to animals, few of which hurt people just for the sake of it).
The world is tolerant of this form of terrorism, especially from ‘poor downtrodden Muslims’ who have a grudge… But it is a grudge against you too, because you do not believe as they do!, at the moment they want my land, but whose land will they want next? Yours? Are you going to let them have it?
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It appears that we have our very own ‘Sderot app’: Hamas can call a cell phone and, if it is within range, then they can launch a missile at the location using the GPS information harvested from the call.
This would also assume that an iPhone/GPS is attached to each missile….
The good news is that our Iron Dome has been put back in its place, so we now are no longer at the extreme range of the one protecting Ashkelon…

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