Friday, July 11, 2014

Borderline Jew-hating administration'"

Carol Brown
Ben Shapiro finally said what needed to be said: The Obama administration is a "borderline Jew-hating administration" (video below).  I think Mr. Shapiro was too kind. The word borderline did not need to be used to qualify the statement. But it was good to hear someone say what needed to be said, even if there was an extra word.
For all we don’t know about Barack Obama, one thing is abundantly clear: He hates Jews.

He marinated in Jew-hatred sitting in Wright’s church for 20 years. Wright was just one in a string of associations Obama has struck up with Jew-haters including Rashid Khalidi, Khalid al-Mansour, Bill Ayers, and Samantha Power, to name a few.

It is outrageous, unthinkable, and utterly surreal that the United States under Barack Obama funds Hamas! Every single one of us has contributed money for rockets raining down on Israel right now. And Hamas is not the only terror organization this president supports. But right now Hamas is shooting rockets penetrating deep into Israel. And the President of the United States is no longer a reliable ally of this tiny nation.

You might say that the vast majority of Americans support Israel. And that’s very nice. But it counts for little when the chips are down. On the world stage Obama has the bull horn. And there are no more elections coming up for him. All bets are off.

It’s the 1930’s all over again. Evil is on the march. And cowards and brutes are everywhere.
How do American citizens live under a regime that has embraced evil?

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