Monday, July 21, 2014

FYI: IDF set to open field hospital for wounded Gazans

MSM has blocked this news from being released-Obama, Kerry et al have not yet told the american public-why do you think?

Border facility will include emergency clinic, pediatrician and other services for Palestinians injured in clashes

Just in Iraq alone 2400 civilians killed in one month. Where are the mass demonstrations in west capitals against extreme Islam?

A massive slaughter of Christians is on-going in Tikrit, Iraq, by extreme Islamic organization affiliated to Hamas. Is this news item not more important than Israel defends itself?

In Syria, 100 civilians are killed every single day 160,000 since the beginning of the civil war. Where are the mass demonstrations in the west capitals?
600,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan. Where are the mass demonstrations in the west capitals?

Remember, Hamas propaganda shows many body bags. They do not show what's in the body bags.
Hamas is hiding how many of their terrorists were killed by Israel, their numbers are included in the civilian casualties count, both by Hamas and parroted by the media without thorough examination.
Have you forgotten about Syria? 700 Syrians killed in two days. Do you see any demonstrations by the extreme left in Paris, London, Berlin or even Israel? No, only Israel wakes up these lunatics.
Why, despite Israeli failures in its PR, the western media fails to report the truth? Here is Melanie Phillips' answer:
Rockets found in UN school in Gaza. Have you heard about it? Have you heard that the rockets were returned to Hamas?
Have you heard that Secretary Kerry is not welcomed in Egypt, nor in Israel? This is the real reason why he postponed three times his planned visit to the area? America's role in the Middle East is dwarfed, mainly because of President Obama's support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and other severe diplomatic mistakes enough to fill many articles.
Finally a bright one, Charles Krauthammer's latest article in the Washington Post, in which he lists all the truths the media hides from you.
Why would the world media choose to block the following items of the news? Has truth ceased to exist?
Is the western media oblivious to the truth that Israel is sacrificing her soldiers to protect the west from the onslaught of extreme Islam? Why such sympathy in the media to who hate the west? For those who elected Hamas?

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