Wednesday, July 16, 2014

German police fear Muslims: “I hope I get out of here in one piece”

German policeTranslated from Welt with the help of Birte and Sandra, via
Police are increasingly complaining about attacks and lack of respect from citizens. A Turkish official from Duisburg tells why migrants are especially problematic. Multiculturalism has failed.
When the patrolman Kalle B. gets out of his patrol car, he must be ready for anything. It is mostly minor incidents, but the police commissioner from Duisburg can quickly end up in an exceptional situation. Even the slightest occasions can lead to life-threatening situations: traffic checks, background checks, recording of accidents, everyday business — everywhere there are dangers for civil servants. …
Often, the police had to withdraw because the situation became too dangerous and the reinforcements are delayed. “It is becoming increasingly aggressive in some districts. You think twice whether you should control the traffic. I’ve had moments where I thought, I hope I get out of here in one piece,” says Kalle B.

He is a policeman of Turkish origin and has worked 15 years as an officer. Officers of German origin are easily suspected of being politically right-wing when they speak about the increasing violence, because there are mainly problems with criminal immigrants. Kalle has a different family background, but he sees it the same way as his colleagues and complains about the “social romanticism” in politics. His hard conclusion based on personal experience: “One can say that multiculturalism has failed.’ …

He and his colleagues are “confronted daily by criminal immigrants, mostly Muslims (Turks, Arabs, Lebanese, etc.), who have absolutely no respect for the police. The lack of respect starts from childhood.

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