Monday, July 07, 2014

Hamdan: No calm without ending Gaza siege

Al Qassam website - Head of Hamas's foreign relations Osama Hamdan said that his movement will not accept any ceasefire in light of the continued siege on Gaza.
He told al-Resalah Net in an interview published on Saturday that the Israeli siege on Gaza is an ongoing aggression that must be stopped.
Hamdan said that there were no regional attempts to reach a ceasefire between Palestinian resistance and Israeli occupation, saying that Egypt did not intervene so far to broker a new calm or to stabilize the old one.
He said that the ceaseless Israeli aggression on the occupied Palestinian land revealed hypocrisy of many parties that only viewed resistance as “terrorism”.
Hamdan described the continued security coordination between the PA and the occupation as a flagrant betrayal of national constants.

He pointed out that certain elements within the PA had supported the Israeli story about the recent events by holding the Palestinian resistance fully responsible for the escalation.
Hamdan, however, ruled out the possibility of a large-scale Israeli aggression on Gaza
The senior Hamas leader warned that his Movement might resort to unexpected scenarios in case the reconciliation agreement terms were not implemented in full.
Hamdan called on the PA to work on implementing what have been agreed upon in Cairo namely lifting the siege immediately after formation of the consensus government.

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