Friday, July 04, 2014

Op-ed accuses Jews of ritual slaughter of Arab youth

Al Resalah, a Palestinian Arab newspaper aligned with Hamas, has an op-ed by Wissam Afifah saying that Jews killed Mohammed Abu Khdeir as part of a Jewish ritual.

He says that the murder is part of a Jewish "history of treachery and murder," where he says Jews use human blood for their rituals and rites.

Afifah goes on, inevitably, to say that Jews slaughter gentile children and bring their blood to the rabbi where he mixes it with the dough to make Passover matzoh "for pious Jews."

Any chance that someone who pretends to be only "anti-Israel" will condemn this column? After all, they are all so exceedingly sensitive to racism, since they find it all over Israel.

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