Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Return Gaza to the Stone Age

Israel must destroy the arsenal Hamas has built up over the past decade. The only way to do this: an extensive ground operation.

IDF tanks on the Gaza border, Tuesday
Photo credit: AFP

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Hans said...

Mr Regev, very well stated and correct..Hamas must be crushed or at least badly damaged...

But what is needed and will be required to do now or later, is to remove all Islamestinians from GazaLand..

At minimum you need to create a DMZ or a buffer zone, of which should be 1/3 of GazaLand..

Each time the terrorists commit another round of a violent campaign against Isreals, another 1/3 of Gazaland is occupied and razed.

Let Hamas and the ILO understand the next round of consequences and if needed act upon it.

BIBI's previous policies have failed and so has the land for peace.

The only thing that these people understand and respect - is the point of a gun.

All other actions will fail and more and more Isreals will suffer and or be killed.