Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Number of Hamas Arabs vs. Israeli Dead

Ronn Torossian On July 15, 2014

Sometimes in conflict it is black and white, a clear dispute between good and evil.
Today, the United Nations, European Union, United States and others pressure Israel to accept a ceasefire with the terrorist organization Hamas.  They are asking Israel to accept terrorism and an organization that seeks to destroy the Jewish people. Perhaps in a sign of good faith and solidarity with the Middle East, America, the UK and other Western nations should stop attacking – and recognize and accept – the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas. Then perhaps they can approach Israel and ask Israel to do the same.
Terrorists seek to destroy Western civilization and are barbarians who target innocent people in their quest to kill and inflict violence.  Today, Israel is defending herself from thousands of rockets and attacks fired into all cities in the State of Israel.  All Israeli citizens are at risk and live under this threat of terror.  No sovereign nation should ever be asked to accept this —  and clearly the State of Israel will not.

Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the Jewish People. Along these lines, perhaps the lives of barbaric terrorists cannot be valued the same way as an actual human being.  One wonders why the media equates deaths of Hamas terrorists in Gaza with deaths in Israel. How many members of Hamas reside in Gaza – and is not that relevant when discussing the death toll? Why should Israel show restraint because the Iron Dome works?  What level of response is “proportionate” for protecting the lives of innocent people?
How many killed is not relevant in terms of determining who the aggressor is.  Nor is it relevant to determine who is good and who is bad.  One should hope that the good guys are stronger and win decisively. Was not America (and Britain) the aggressor against Germany & Japan during World War II?   And how many Germans & Japanese were killed by the aggressive army?
The Israel Defense Forces is the world’s most moral army, which defends innocent people.  They show tremendous restraint – even to the point of endangering their own at times.  Meanwhile, the enemy, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have constantly inflated the number of dead people during times of conflict.  And in this round, are none of the dead terrorists?  Why is it that seemingly every bomb fired by Israel hits a nursery school or baby milk factory or mosque? Yet, despite it all, Israel warns before it hits Gaza – as terrorists are granted shelter amongst the Palestinian Arab people.
Would one even ever imagine the Israeli Army hiding behind Israeli civilians?  Which group seeks destruction or devastation? No one in Israel seeks martyrs nor awaits 72 virgins in paradise. And if, heaven forbid, Israelis are killed in an attack, does the media then justify Israel stopping a terrorist organization on her borders devoted to eliminating the Jewish state?
Israel has suffered enough and need not shed any more blood.

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