Thursday, May 24, 2007

Does it pay to be violent?
GS Don Morris, Ph.D.
May 24, 2007

Has it dawned on anyone that it pays for Abbas to continue the conflict with
Hamas? Human behavior is quite simple to understand-reinforced behavior
usually continues. Hamas receives its orders from Iran, one of its
benefactors, rains rockets into Israel proper, day after day, and monies
continue to flow to it. Although with 50,000 policemen, Abbas, cries out for more weapons and aid.

In America US Undersecretary of State David Welch said Wednesday night that the violence in the Gaza Strip highlighted the importance of the American aid program to boost Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas; of course, our recent 60 million dollar aid package is meant for
training and supplies, according to State Department sources.

It is pretty simple to understand that your actions are reinforced for A -not stopping the violence even though you possess the means to do so B -by honoring the request from your Iranian leader, you ensure more aid to flow to you, although C -you are murdering your “own people” you justify this by having them and others believe that they are martyrs for the 'cause' D -While the EU says “No” to direct aid, one sees that countries like Japan and Norway have not rescinded their announced desire to aid the Hamas
government directly, that international aid to the Palestinians still stands at record highs since Hamas' election and still 1.2 billion Euros from European sources -aka “indirect” monies - flow to the Palestinians. Thus if you are
Abbas or Hamas, your behavior of violence is continuously rewarded; there will be no change until the rein forcers are stopped, changed or re-scheduled. This is simple human behavior fact.

So, if we know and understand this, it is necessary to ask but one question.
What is in it for the EU, Fatah (Abbas) and Hamas to continue this behavior, to continue fighting Israel and never resolve the so-called 'Israeli-Palestinian conflict’? Behavior does not continue as long as a pay- off is available. The answer to this question is known and obvious! For media and world leaders to dance around the fundamental answer is reprehensible. This is why I become ill when the Western leaders either blame Israel or want to talk around the issues, never willing to address THE issue. The EU needs to protect itself, a hint as to why they really continue to send support-it is a form of extortion---ah, but even to discuss this is 'politically incorrect'.
Perhaps another time-meanwhile people on all sides continue to die and suffer. Please do not speak to me of the world’s compassion; this is nothing but anal rhetoric!

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