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The Czech Republic and the Arab World

Michael Curtis

Czechoslovakia was the only democratic country in Central Europe in the 1930's, as Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East today. By its vote in United Nations, the Czechs have made it clear that the Arab world should not be appeased; that the appalling Western mistake in 1938 – of trying to appease Hitler by giving him the Sudetentland to Hitler, must not be repeated by giving Israel the Arabs.
A vote in the United Nations General Assembly is often the consequence of a complicated assessment of national interests and a response to international pressures, rather than of actual convictions on a particular issue. The Czech Republic was the only country in the European Union to vote against the resolution that Palestine be granted the status of a non-member observer state at the United Nations on November 29, 2012.

Standing Apart

My Right Word

Today's NYTimes' editorial, Israel Ducks on Human Rights, a day after providing a platform for an anti-Israel, factually wrong op-ed about taking Israel/is to the ICC (and which Julian Ku wrote: "If this is the Palestinian strategy to resolve their dispute with Israel, than the prospects for the settlement of this dispute are even more remote than I had previously believed."), asserts that

Israel has increasingly isolated itself from the world with its hard-line policies on West Bank settlements, the Gaza embargo and other issues. This week, it unwisely set itself further apart with a decision to withhold cooperation from a United Nations Human Rights Council review of its human rights practices.

Chuck Hagel, Anti-Semitism, and American Jewish Apathy

Lauri B. Regan

"Israel Firster," "Jewish Lobby," "Fifth Column," and "Dual Loyalty" are several of the terms used to describe American Jews who care about Israel's survival in the face of very real and imminently dangerous and existential threats to her long-term viability.  And notwithstanding Colin Powell's assertions to the contrary, the use of such terms on their face has always been considered anti-Semitic.  But with the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Obama's choice to head up the Pentagon, the mainstreaming of anti-Semitism has taken a new direction and may very well be here to stay.

Did New York Times Just Publish Staged Photos on A1, Above the Fold?

David Steinberg
Today’s carries a 14-picture gallery of clashes in Damascus between the Free Syrian Army and forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Today’s New York Times, print version, publishes three photos of the clashes on A1, above the fold. The caption reads:
Clashes in Syria, and a Potential Step ForwardTop, two insurgents in Damascus took position before being hit by army snipers; the fighter on the right died soon after being dragged from the line of fire. On the political front, Syria’s top opposition leader expressed a willingness for the first time to talk with the government.


Geneva, 31 January 2013
The only way to resolve all pending issues between Israel and the Palestinians, including the settlements issue, is through direct negotiations without pre-conditions. Counterproductive measures, such as the report published today, will only hamper efforts to find a sustainable solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.
The Human Rights Council has sadly distinguished itself by its systematically one-sided and biased approach towards Israel. This latest report is yet another unfortunate reminder of such approach.

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Fourth Geneva Conventions, Article 49 - the Travaux Préparatoires

 Elder of Ziyon

There has been much discussion about the intent of the sixth paragraph of the Fourth Geneva Conventions which many claim proves that Israel has violated by allowing citizens to move, voluntarily, to occupied territory.

The entire text of Article 49 states:

Individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country, occupied or not, are prohibited, regardless of their motive.

Nevertheless, the Occupying Power may undertake total or partial evacuation of a given area if the security of the population or imperative military reasons so demand. Such evacuations may not involve the displacement of protected persons outside the bounds of the occupied territory except when for material reasons it is impossible to avoid such displacement. Persons thus evacuated shall be transferred back to their homes as soon as hostilities in the area in question have ceased.

Apes, Pigs, and F-16s

ANDREW C. MCCARTHY January 31, 2013
When Mohamed Morsi dehumanizes Jews as "the descendants of apes and pigs," there's an elephant in the room. We find it here:
Those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil - these are many times worse in rank, and far more astray from the even Path!
You see, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood mahoff-turned-president did not conjure up the apes-and-pigs riff on his own. When Morsi fulminates that Muslims "must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them," he is taking his cues straight from the Koran. Or rather, from the Holy Koran, as "progressive" American politicians take pains to call it in the off hours from their campaign to drive every last vestige of Judeo-Christian culture from the public square.

Hagel Nomination: Iranians Giddy

Bob Beauprez

As the Senate prepares to hold a January 31 confirmation hearing for their former colleague Chuck Hagel to be the next Secretary of Defense, an alarming paradox has emerged.  Iran – the "Death to America" Islamic regime – is effusive with praise, while a large group of retired U.S. military commanders have "deep concerns" and have taken a highly unusual public position in opposition to Hagel's nomination.

Ma'an removes Antisemitic article following PMW's exposure

 by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Following Palestinian Media Watch's exposure yesterday of a venomous Antisemitic article published by the independent Palestinian Ma'an News Agency, Ma'an removed the article from its website.

Ma'an's administration wrote that it removed the article "because it contains incorrect information and hateful content that are unjustified and which do not in any way represent the opinion of Ma'an or its editorial policies." (See full statement below.)

Among others, the Antisemitic article included the following statements:

The Consequences of Intervening in Syria

Scott Stewart
Vice President of Analysis
The French military's current campaign to dislodge jihadist militants from northern Mali and the recent high-profile attack against a natural gas facility in Algeria are both directly linked to the foreign intervention in Libya that overthrew the Gadhafi regime. There is also a strong connection between these events and foreign powers' decision not to intervene in Mali when the military conducted a coup in March 2012. The coup occurred as thousands of heavily armed Tuareg tribesmen were returning home to northern Mali after serving in Moammar Gadhafi's military, and the confluence of these events resulted in an implosion of the Malian military and a power vacuum in the north. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and other jihadists were able to take advantage of this situation to seize power in the northern part of the African nation.

The Least We Can Do

Sultan Knish

The one thing that Hagel, Kerry and Brennan all have in common, besides being Washington insiders, is that they all agree that terrorism is basically a misunderstanding. All three fancy themselves men of the world who know more than the peasants back home because they have spent a few days being shepherded through high level meetings in Brussels, Riyadh and Beijing.

They have spent decades marinating in talking points and they know, for example, that terrorism is due to poverty and that Islamic terrorists aren't really Muslim, they just try to convince us that they are to trick us into going to war with Islam. Most of all they know that we can't beat the terrorists on the battlefield, all we can hope to do is wage a war for their hearts and minds, empowering moderates by resolving grievances until the extremists are discredited and peace reigns on earth.

The Case against Hagel

Why the former Nebraska senator is the wrong choice for the Pentagon.
By John Cornyn 

Whether or not Chuck Hagel is confirmed as our next defense secretary, his nomination has already done serious damage to U.S. credibility on Iran, thereby emboldening the most dangerous regime in the Middle East. To limit the damage, President Obama should choose someone else to lead the Pentagon.

After all, the former Nebraska senator is the same person who has consistently opposed sanctions against Iran. He is the same person who wanted Washington to support Iranian membership in the World Trade Organization. The same person who voted against designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group (at a time when the IRGC was orchestrating the murder of U.S. troops in Iraq). The same person who refused to sign a letter asking the European Union to label Hezbollah (an Iranian proxy) a terror group. The same person who urged President Bush to offer Iran “direct, unconditional, and comprehensive talks.” The same person who called for establishing a U.S. diplomatic mission in Tehran. The same person who dismissed “a military strike against Iran” as “not a viable, feasible, responsible option.” The same person who wrote that a nuclear Iran might be tolerable because “sovereign nation-states possessing nuclear weapons capability (as opposed to stateless terrorist groups) will often respond with some degree of responsible, or at least sane, behavior.”

Brooklyn College Political Science Department Denies Equal Free Speech and Academic Freedom to Pro-Israel Students and Faculty

Alan M. Dershowitz

The international campaign to delegitimize Israel by subjecting the Jewish state—and the Jewish State alone—to boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) has now come to the most unlikely of places: Brooklyn College. The political science department of that college has voted to co-sponsor a campaign event at which only pro-BDS speakers will advocate a policy that is so extreme that even the Palestinian Authority rejects it.
The poster for the BDS event specifically says that the event is being "endorsed by…the political science department at BC." The BDS campaign accuses Israel of "Apartheid" and advocates the blacklisting of Jewish Israeli academics, which is probably illegal and certainly immoral. The two speakers at the event deny Israel's right to exist, compare Israel to the Nazis and praise terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Israel Hit a Syria-Hizballah Convoy: Danger of Deadly Nerve Gas in Hands of Terrorist Organization

January 30, 2013
Area of the attack. Picture by: ADAMD9 / ROTTER
Area of the attack.
Picture by: ADAMD9 / ROTTER
It has been reported that a number of Israeli planes flew over Lebanon and attacked a convoy near the Syrian-Lebanese border. The fact that this comes shortly after Hizballah and Syrian forces had moved in growing numbers toward known chemical weapons’ storage areas implies that the Syrian regime was in the act of shipping chemical weapons to the Lebanese Shia Islamist group (which also happens to dominate the Lebanese government and to be involved in a lot of anti-Israel terrorism) Hizballah. This story has not yet been confirmed by Israel.
During the 2006 Israel-Hizballah war, Israel frequently hit convoys delivering weapons to Lebanon the moment they crossed the Syria-Lebanon border, showing a very strong intelligence capacity on such events. The Israeli position has been that it will not allow any transfer of advanced weapons by the Syrian regime to either Hizballah or radical Lebanese Sunni groups. Israel had previously made this point clear through public statements to the Syrian government. It has not been explicitly reported whether the weapons on the convoy were chemical ones.

Israel Bombs Syrian Convoy-Israelis Rushing to Update Gas Masks

The hints began to leak last week, the news began to come out very early this morning and the IDF (as usual) is saying "what airstrike?"

Israel conducted an airstrike just inside Syrian territory on a convoy of Trucks heading toward Lebanon U.S. and regional officials said Wednesday. According to the Associated Press

The regional officials said Israel had been planning in the days leading up to the airstrike to hit a shipment of weapons bound for the Islamist militant group Hezbollah in Lebanon. They said the shipment included sophisticated, Russian-made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles, which would be strategically "game-changing" in the hands of Hezbollah.
Note to the AP there is no Militant group called Hezbollah, there is only a terrorist group called Hezbollah.

What’s Next for Israel?

The big winner of the 2013 Knesset elections is the 50-year old chairman of the new centrist  party Yesh Atid (There is a Future), Yair Lapid.  He is now the new political star and king-maker in Israel’s political arena.  The optimistic polls gave him 10 mandates days before the January 22, 2013 elections, up from 8 in a previous poll.  Lapid stunned the Israeli political pundits with a whopping 19 mandates.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Mobilizes DC Interfaith Community to Challenge Anti-Muslim Discrimination

Photo Credit: Jesse Epps-Fransen

(January 15, 2013) On Monday, the Shoulder-to-Shoulder campaign partnered with the United Church of Christ and the Interfaith Conference on Metropolitan Washington to host an event titled, "Mobilizing Our Community: A DC Public Forum on Challenging Anti-Muslim Discrimination."  Members of faith communities in Washington, DC attended the panel with religious leaders and experts to talk about anti-Muslim sentiment and then met for roundtable discussions on ways to address it. 

In October 2012, DC metro transit riders came face-to-face with hateful anti-Muslim ads in four metro stations.  Interfaith and civil rights groups joined to address the ads head-on through vigils, op/eds, counter ads and letters to the local transit authority.  Because these ads reflect a larger and more troubling trend, many in the DC community are passionate about putting a stop to the sharp rise in anti-Muslim activity through immediate interfaith action.

Interfaith Against ‘Islamophobia’

To read and order David Horowitz and Robert Spencer’s pamphlet,  Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future, click here.
The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a group with Muslim Brotherhood origins, is again using its interfaith allies to accuse its opponents of being part of an anti-Muslim conspiracy. On January 15, the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Washington D.C. hosted an event about the “Islamophobia Network” that was sponsored by ISNA.

The speakers included Rev. Dennis Wiley, co-pastor of Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ; ISNA president Mohamed Magid; Rachel Laser of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and Rabia Chaudry, president of the Safe Nation Collaborative. Sponsors included the Jewish Community Relations Council, Sojourners and Rabbis for Human Rights—North America.

Britain Is No Place for Jews

Since I came home from London, subsequent events have borne out my dim assessment of England, and done so at break-neck pace. As one of Britain’s great righteous gentiles Douglas Murray wrote in an essay published yesterday by the Gatestone Institute, England is no longer even trying to hide its anti-Semitism. At this point, to live well in the kingdom, Jews are required to accept or at least express minimal objection to the dominant narrative that Israel is the current Nazi Germany.

Back in 2005, I felt it was a mistake for Israel to push for the UN to establish an international Holocaust remembrance day. What did we need it for?

Venomous Antisemitism published by Palestinian Ma'an News Agency funded by

Danish, Dutch and UK governments
and the EU, UNDP, and UNESCO
"[The Jews] feel inferior to the nations and societies in which they live, because of the hostility and evil rising in their hearts towards others and for their plots and schemes against the nations who know with certainty that the Jews are the root of conflict in the world, wherever they reside."
"[Jews are] outcasts in every corner of the earth, and not one nation in the world respects them... but Allah's curse upon them and his fury at them cause them to continue with their transgression."
"Allah has stricken fear in their hearts and decreed humiliation and degradation upon them until Judgment Day"
by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
An article published by the independent and European funded Palestinian Ma'an News Agency (MNA) confirms that classic Antisemitic ideologies continue to exist among Palestinians. The article written by Sawsan Najib Abd Al-Halim appears on Ma'an's website, and describes Jews as: "the root of conflict in the world," cursed by Allah, and "outcasts in every corner of the earth."

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that demonization of Jews and Israelis has been an integral part of PA ideology for years.

Amid continuing unrest, Egyptian army chief warns of state collapse

  Foreign Policy

Top news: Egyptians defied curfews in three major cities on Tuesday as clashes with police continued as the head of the Egyptian army warned that unrest could topple the state, the most pointed sign yet of exasperation from the country's most powerful institution.
In his most critical comments to date, Gen. Abdul Fattah el-Sisi, the defense minister, said that "political, economic, social, and security challenges" require united action since disagreements between the Islamist government and their opponents "on running the affairs of the country may lead to the collapse of the state and threatens the future of the coming generations." While there was no immediate indication that the military would move to seize power, el-Sisi's comments puts the military in a difficult bind as it is caught between the government's instructions to put down the unrest and Egyptian's unwillingness to restore calm to the streets.

Report: Israeli jets hit target in Lebanon-Syria border area

Israeli forces attacked a target on Syrian-Lebanese border overnight, western diplomat and a security source told Reuters on Wednesday • Israel concerned Syrian chemical weapons could fall to Hezbollah • Israel Post: not enough gas masks for all Israelis.

Israeli F-16s [Illustrative]
Photo credit: AFP

The Murderer's Honor

Sultan Knish

The story of Islam is a murder mystery. It's not the kind of murder mystery where you wonder who did it, but when it will end. The detective peering with his magnifying glass at a scrap of fiber left behind on the carpet or a curly piece of hair caught in the door isn't really trying to sort out who did it. He knows who did it. The great mystery that consumes him is how to make the killer stop.

This isn't a story about right and wrong. Right and wrong aren't serious propositions in the arid deserts where the murderer comes from. Right is power. Wrong is not having power. A man is right because he has power. A woman is wrong because she doesn't. A Muslim is right because he has power. A Christian is wrong because he doesn't.

Yemen's Forgotten Christians

Raymond Ibrahim
Gatestone Institute
January 29, 2013

When one thinks of Yemen—the impoverished Arab country that begat Osama bin Laden and is cushioned between Saudi Arabia and Somalia, two of the absolute most radical Muslim nations—one seldom thinks of Christians, primarily because they are practically nonexistent in such an inhospitable environment. In fact, most tallies suggest that Yemen's entire non-Muslim population is less than one percent.
However, a new Arabic report discusses the existence of Christians in Yemen, and their plight—a plight that should be familiar by now, wherever Christian minorities live under Muslim majorities.

Clinton: ‘Great Hope’ To One Day Work With Terrorist Group Hamas

via Clinton: ‘Great Hope’ To One Day Work With Terrorist Group Hamas.clintonsvisitarafat1
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told her “townterview” at the Newseum in Washington, DC on January 29 that she hopes Hamas will turn into a “political entity.” She said it is her “great hope” that they will be “at the table” of negotiations in the future.
 Watch video at Breitbart where she references her old pals the PLO (and Fatah).
Meanwhile, here’s what Hamas says about negotiations via The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oklahoma Bankers Assn changes security policy for Muslims after meeting terror-linked CAIR, ACLU

Another successful shake down for sharia. Like airport security and prayer in school, there are rules for Muslims and rules for everyone else.

via Oklahoma bankers group updates security policy on religious headwear | h/t Islamist Watch

The Oklahoma Bankers Association has tweaked its recommended “no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses” security policy at banks after an incident at a Tulsa bank last year involving a woman customer wearing a religiously mandated head scarf, or hijab, raised discrimination claims.
The Oklahoma Bankers Association clarified the voluntary initiative, designed to boost safety at banks by making it easier to identify robbers, after meeting with the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma and the state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
The meeting was prompted in October when, at a Tulsa bank, a woman wearing a hajib was told she would have to be escorted into the bank because of the policy on head-covering attire. She and groups supporting her claimed the policy was discriminatory.

Egypt is falling apart so Obama is giving them more F-16's

Israel Matzav

Egyptians are rioting because they have realized that Mohammed Morsy is no less a dictator than Hosni Mubarak. Egypt's economy is on the verge of total collapse. Egypt is continually issuing threats to abrogate its treaty with Israel. And the US economy is teetering on the edge. So what does the Hussein Obama administration do? It gives the Egyptians another 20 F-16 fighter jets at US taxpayer expense of course (Hat Tip: Shy Guy via Jihad Watch).
The first four jets are to be delivered to Egypt beginning Jan. 22, a source at the naval air base in Fort Worth, where the planes have been undergoing testing, told The North African nation already has a fleet of more than 200 of the planes and the latest shipment merely fulfills an order placed two years ago. But given the uncertainty in Cairo, some critics wonder if it is wise to be sending more top gun planes.
'Fulfills an order'? How does someone with no money place an order? Let me guess.... The Egyptian government has credit cards. Who pays the bills?

EU official: Hezbollah may not make terror list, even with Bulgaria bombing

(JTA) -- Hezbollah may not be included on the European Union's list of terrorist groups even if it did bomb Jewish tourists in Bulgaria, the EU's top counter-terrorism official reportedly said.
On Monday, the news site EUobserver quoted the official, Gilles de Kerchove, as saying that Bulgaria's investigation into the incident is likely to be concluded next month.
According to Israel, the Lebanon-based Hezbollah was behind the bombing on July 19 in Burgas, which targeted a bus of Israeli tourists and left five Israelis and one Bulgarian dead.
U.S. and Israeli officials have said the EU should blacklist Hezbollah if the Bulgarians find it guilty of perpetrating the attack. Its inclusion would make it illegal for Hezbollah sympathizers in Europe to send money to the group, which the United States and Israel list as terrorist.

Hillary, The Great Impostor

Posts tagged ‘Four dead Americans “What difference does it make!”’

Hillary Clinton
January 26, 2013
She’s good. She’s really good. I had forgotten how really good she was. What a brilliant, masterful, shameless, liar she really was–Hillary. Remember Whitewater? Remember those billing records that conveniently disappeared from her law firm when the investigators asked for them? And wasn’t there a fishy smelling commodities trading account lying around somewhere?
She’s even better now than she was then, a mere slip of an idealistic lawyer. She’s put on a few pounds, her voice is deeper and heartier, giving her more heft, more authority. So that when she raises her voice and lifts her arms like a black-belt fighter you are apt to step back and lower your eyes deferring to her force like Senator Johnson did yesterday when she put him in his place. She’s really good!

Salman and Khomeini's Excellent Adventure

 Sultan Knish
When professional writers get together what they talk about are not the great ideas that some of their readers imagine, but mostly the mundane business of their work; the good and bad reviews, the writers, agents and editors they hate and those they like, and the relationships in their incestuous industry.

Joseph Acton, Salman Rushdie's memoir of his years in hiding, is such a collection of industry talk, full of the good and bad reviews he received, the famous people he attended parties with and his opinion of every writer, lover and editor he came in contact with. There are plenty of meditations on his years in hiding and his relationship with his service branch protectors, but Rushdie is a creature of the publishing industry and the literary circles that made him famous and kept him influential, and the book is more about that world than it is about the reasons he went into hiding and stayed in hiding.

"Palestine" as a Source of International Dysfunction

Malcolm Lowe

The world heritage program of UNESCO, which was a mechanism for driving governments to preserve valuable sites, has become a mechanism for their neglect. There is no plan for the Church of the Nativity, and the Palestinian Authority is relieved of the obligation to formulate one. The state of the church will deteriorate precisely because it has been registered as a world heritage site.
The phenomenon of "Palestine" is becoming a misfortune for any international institution in which it crops up. This is because those institutions are governed by councils whose members are states. Whenever "Palestine" is on the agenda, these states vote according to the policies of their respective governments, regardless of any principles that are supposed to guide the institution in question.
The oldest example is of course UNWRA. Whereas all other refugee problems in the world are dealt with by UNHCR, which seeks to reduce the numbers of refugees, Palestinian refugees are in the hands of UNWRA, whose function is to multiply their numbers.

Islam and Cannibalism

By By Walid and Theodore Shoebat 

In the future, the Egyptian Islamists will not only be conducting systematic violence, but cannibalism against Christians and moderates.
In a recent video interview, one Egyptian scholar exposed the high school curriculum coming from Al-Azhar university, the most reputable of all Islamic schools, showing that it condoned cannibalizing non-Muslims:
We allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans… under necessary conditions. It [dead human flesh] must not be cooked or grilled to avoid Haram (wrongdoing) …and he can kill a murtadd (apostate) and eat him
The interviewer commented:
The book that is being taught to general high-school students mentions that those who don’t pray can be grilled & then eaten

Hallel to Hillel at UN Watch

Israel's Tower and Stockade in the United Nations (UN).
January 28, 2013 | By Nurit Greenger
There are innumerous people in our world who have passion for different things. Hillel Neuer passion is to defend the state of Israel in the UN.
In my opinion, the UN is a dangerous organization that does not stand for any of the principles on which it was founded. It is an organization that does more damage than good in world's conflicts and the majority of its member states are corrupt, bias, anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic. Israel's case in the UN can never be won and I would like to see this organization dismantle. Mr. Neuer thinks differently.
UN Remembers Holocaust Victims: Published on Jan 25, 2013 -

Apes, Pigs, and F-16s

When you arm Islamists, you become a willing participant in your own undoing.
When Mohamed Morsi dehumanizes Jews as “the descendants of apes and pigs,” there’s an elephant in the room. We find it here:
Those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil — these are many times worse in rank, and far more astray from the even Path!
You see, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood mahoff–turned–president did not conjure up the apes-and-pigs riff on his own. When Morsi fulminates that Muslims “must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them,” he is taking his cues straight from the Koran. Or rather, from the Holy Koran, as “progressive” American politicians take pains to call it in the off hours from their campaign to drive every last vestige of Judeo-Christian culture from the public square.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Additional Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood Anti-Semitic Statements Found

Note: This is the first of two stories to examine the New York Times' coverage of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The New York Times' January 14 report on the Middle East Media Research Institute's (MEMRI) videos of Egyptian Mohamed Morsi's 2010 anti-Semitic statements inexplicably omitted the larger story of the Muslim Brotherhood's decades-long intrinsic anti-Semitism.
The Investigative Project on Terrorism has uncovered comments going back to 2004 showing a pattern of pure anti-Semitic comments made by Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders.
MEMRI has routinely covered these sorts of bigoted and hate-filled statements from throughout the Islamic world that most media outlets such as the Times have refused to cover since the late 1990s.
Morsi's comments reflect the Muslim Brotherhood's intrinsic anti-Semitism that is easily obtainable dating back to its founding in 1928.

TV's NCIS on those Sinister Israelis

Rabbi Elliot B. Gertel

Israelis portrayed on CBS's long running series NCIS -- the Israelis who are not "Americanized," anyway -- are becoming become more and more sinister. Since NCIS is one of the top-rated television programs in America, anyone concerned about Middle East policy, let alone fairness to the State of Israel, ought to be aware of how Israelis are being treated on this show.

Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), former Mossad agent working with NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) has turned American citizen and NCIS agent, largely out of rebellion against her Israeli father, Eli David (Michael Nouri), the head of Mossad. Eli always seems to sacrifice the interests of his own daughter to his sense of the security needs of the State of Israel.

The North African threat to Europe

Dore Gold

Not long after the French offensive against African jihadists in Mali got underway, a leader of one of the offshoots of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) declared that his organization would "strike at the heart of France." AQIM attacked French embassies and most recently a gas facility in Algeria, where it took hostages. But was it ready to move its war against the West to the territories of the European states as well and thus pose a real threat to their security? 

An Attack On Syria Is An Attack On Iran: Khamenei Aide

Patriot missile battery at Turkish base
A Turkish soldier in a dugout guards a Patriot missile defense system, background, at an airbase in Adana, Turkey. (Evert-Jan Daniels / European Pressphoto Agency / January 26, 2013)
BEIRUT — Any foreign attack on Syria would be considered an attack on Iran, a senior Iranian official warned Saturday as the first Patriot missile batteries were declared operational along Turkey's tense border with Syria.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's decision to deploy six Patriot missile batteries in Turkish borderlands has rankled the Syrian government and its chief allies, Iran and Russia.
Tehran and Moscow view the move as a provocation that could escalate hostilities and widen the almost 2-year-old Syrian conflict. About 400 troops from the United States, Germany and the Netherlands are expected to accompany the Patriot batteries.
The comments Saturday by Ali Akbar Velayati, a top aide to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, are among Tehran's strongest public declarations to date of support for Syrian President Bashar Assad, Iran's major ally in the Arab world.

Morsi Tactics To Put Down Egypt Unrest "Echo Ousted Regime"

An Egyptian protester kicks a live tear gas canister into a fire during clashes with riot police near Tahrir Square on January 27, 2013, in Cairo, Egypt
An Egyptian protester kicks a live tear gas canister into a fire during clashes with riot police near Tahrir Square on January 27, 2013, in Cairo, Egypt / Getty Images

Last Updated 6:27 p.m. ET

Egypt's president declared a state of emergency and curfew in three Suez Canal provinces hit hardest by a weekend wave of unrest that left more than 50 dead, using tactics of the ousted regime to get a grip on discontent over his Islamist policies and the slow pace of change.
Angry and almost screaming, Mohammed Morsi vowed in a televised address on Sunday night that he would not hesitate to take even more action to stem the latest eruption of violence across much of the country. But at the same time, he sought to reassure Egyptians that his latest moves would not plunge the country back into authoritarianism.
"There is no going back on freedom, democracy and the supremacy of the law," he said.

Former Muslims

ED ZIEGLER January 28, 2013
In response to the violent  actions and  intense  hatred by many  Muslims toward non-Muslims, my articles frequently attempt to acquaint freedom loving people with the undeniable fact the goal of these Muslims is to force the world to submit to Islam.

Fanatic Muslims consist of approximately 120 million followers of Islam world-wide. Many of their religious leaders advocate killing apostates in accordance with verses in the Quran such as vers 4-89   "Take not from among them until they fly in Allah's way. But if they turn back seize them and KILL them wherever you find them."

COP: The Carbon Trading Money Tree

DR. KELVIN KEMM January 28, 2013
The COP-18 environmental conference held in Doha has come and gone. In the wake of high expectations for a successor treaty, the Kyoto Protocol was extended, but only after bitter debate - and several countries have withdrawn from the process or signalled their intent to do so.

Hillary's Lesson in Escaping the Blame Game

If you thought the long-anticipated Hillary hearings were going to be a feet-to-the fire payback for Benghazigate, then maybe you should think again.
In her back-to-back appearances Wednesday, departing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton left Senate and House Republicans hitless, winless and basically befuddled. Little Leaguers enjoy a 10-run rule that brings such uneven contests to merciful endings -- so the little nippers can lick their wounds and try again another day. If Congress had anything similar, Mrs. Clinton might have ended her testimony hours earlier, beaten rush-hour traffic across town and made it back to Foggy Bottom long before happy hour.

Muslim who raped girl, 13, not jailed because his "religion doesn't teach that sex with a child is wrong"

A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he  was taught that women are worthless.
Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.

Yesterday Judge Michael Stokes handed Rashid a suspended sentence, saying: ‘Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters.'

Earlier Nottingham Crown Court heard that such crimes usually result in a four to seven-year prison sentence.

But the judge said that because Rashid was ‘passive' and ‘lacking assertiveness', sending him to jail might cause him ‘more damage than good'.

Building Our Own Media

Sultan Knish

There have been suggestions floating around that some of the bigger donors should buy a newspaper, a television network or a women's magazine to counter the media's grip. There was a time when a powerful media outlet could be bought or created by conservative owners and function and wield influence over national policy. Time Magazine in the Luce era is one example. But that was when the media was a patchwork of publications and radio stations where powerful owners often set the tone.

Today the media is more of an integrated beast that is mostly localized on the internet. It's a giant echo chamber for talking points developed by left-wing think tanks and memes popularized by social media mobs.

NBC News these days is less relevant than Buzzfeed. You could buy NBC News, but then what would you have? A white elephant operation whose dwindling viewers are older and either share its biases or don't care. If it shifted to the right, it would have exactly the same image as FOX does, no matter what its standard of programming was. If it tried to be genuinely non-partisan, there would be the difficult task of finding staff who are honestly non-partisan. And its image would constantly be under attack by the left every time it dissented on a major story.

Imagine if Donald Trump bought the New York Times. The New York Times doesn't derive its influence from the quality of its content, but from the quantity and scope of it. That quantity and scope seem dizzying to those who don't know any better, much like Thomas Friedman's familiar mentions of three countries and their airports in one paragraph makes him seem like a man of the world who must know what he's talking about because he has been to so many countries.

The New York Times influences other papers and outlets to adopt its tone on a variety of topics from musicals to foreign affairs. That makes them, in current ad jargon, Thought Leaders, which is just as Orwellian as it sounds. That cements the Times' place in the culture. But it's a position that would vanish in a second if Donald Trump took over and began influencing content. All that would be left is an expensive and unprofitable white elephant without any of the influence.

What we think of as the mainstream media is an integrated whole. It's not really a series of outlets, but a culture of left-wing activists and more mainstream liberal reporters and pundits who provide content to those outlets. Buying one of the outlets would punch a hole in their content network, but only a partial hole because the outlet would still likely be reliant on wire services and would mostly cover the same stories that are driven by that same network, but occasionally from a conservative angle. It would essentially be another FOX News.

The content distribution network would reform around it, shut it out, as it has shut out FOX News, though many of its members would still work for it, and continue driving the tone and content of the media's coverage of any issue. And it's the content network and its culture that is the real enemy.

This isn't just true of official news outlets, but any tastemaker outlets, such as women's magazines, which would once again be shut out, ridiculed and marginalized as the media culture works to wipe out the credibility of rival opinion-makers and the cool of rival tastemakers. And since both news and fashion depend on consensus, trying to challenge it with a single outlet will only make a limited difference. It will have an impact. FOX News certainly has. But that impact will be limited, unless, like talk radio, it becomes a culture of content creators creating a consensus across different outlets.

What we are battling is a consensus creation machine. That machine spews out news stories and memes always making sure to integrate the consensus into as much of its coverage as it can. That way the latest consensus on gun violence can be rolled out everywhere from snarky blogs to drive time news to network news to magazines and sites catering to women, car owners and science fans.

Each group will have the consensus targeted to their demographic. NBC News will talk about the dangers of school shootings. Blogs will describe gun owners as psychopaths. A site aimed at women will talk about how often abusive husbands shoot their wives. The science site will discuss the latest technology for gun locks thought up by a 9th grader from San Francisco. Most of you have already seen this consensus manufacturing and distribution machine in action.

The good news is that the internet has allowed the right to develop its own form of consensus distribution. The problem is that it's mainly ideological. Conservative news sites and blogs create and pass along a consensus, sometimes right and sometimes wrong, but it doesn't tend to go any higher up the ladder than FOX News or Talk Radio. Buying a major outlet would give it another place to go, but it wouldn't fundamentally change the uneven balance in the media culture war.

The Breitbart approach of directly attacking the consensus by creating stories that the media is forced to acknowledge, thereby shaking its consensus, is invigorating. But the left's success has largely come from the creation of a media consensus culture. Challenging it is not impossible, but it will take a lot of work over a long period of time, rather than a quick fix solution.

Buying an old media outlet, like a magazine, a newspaper or a news network is a poor value. These outlets have an aging readership and a white elephant infrastructure. Their only truly valuable part is their brand. And the brand will begin taking a vicious beating the moment it drops out of the left's consensus network. The brand does have value. Newsweek in conservative hands would have been a useful weapon, but not a consensus-killer.

The consensus is a swarm, it's a mob. Fighting it with one outlet is like trying to fight off bees with a baseball bat. Some bees will be swatted and you'll be stung and the outcome will depend on whether you can absorb more venom than you can kill bees. It makes for a nice last stand, but not much else.

Countering one consensus with another is a problem that requires crowd solutions. And they already exist. The conservative consensus of social media, blogs and news sites is the talk radio of the net. Conservative news sites already distribute that content, and while they could use better designs, the basis structure of the consensus is in place. The next step is to begin expanding the consensus into the non-political sphere to target not just low-information voters, but people that are not strongly political.

Buying a woman's magazine is of limited use now. Communities of interlinked conservative fashion bloggers whose content is indexed and collected by professional front end sites can have the same result at a fraction of the price and while turning a profit. Apply the same approach to everything from science, Latino, local and car sites, and you suddenly have something that is becoming a match for the mainstream media and its culture of consensus. And all this can be done at a fraction of the cost of buying Cosmo or NBC News or the New York Times.

We aren't fighting media outlets, we're fighting people. You can't fight people with money. You can only fight them with people. And the people are here. We just have to use them.

The Romney Campaign's big mistake was relying on big dumb sledgehammer media tactics, spending more money to do less, while neglecting the people on the ground. If the Republican Party is to compete, then it has to learn from that at every level. Think small. Look at the individual. Bring together committed individuals into organizations where they cooperate and make things happen, instead of viewing them as piggy banks for end of the year donations. That is what made the Tea Party work. It is the only thing that has any hope of revitalizing the Republican Party and the right.

A culture war is a shouting match. It's not so much a war of ideas as a war of slogans that are embedded in everything. The left has too much top-down control to be directly beaten at that level. It can be challenged and occasionally humiliated, as Breitbart had done, but it still remains in place. If the left is going to be beaten, it will be from the bottom up by empowering the people who want to fight, rather than just building more expensive operations while ignoring the ground game.

Conservatism will only win out by empowering committed people and giving them the tools to organize in various ways and on various levels to challenge the consensus. It is the organization part that is most important and it is the place where the establishment can do the most good by providing the framework and the tools to package individual contributions into a professional group package.

Creating an alternative media is as simple as channeling the conservative consensus into segmented professional outlets through brand-creation, web design and a certain degree of start-up funding, much of which can be supplemented by advertising for successful sites. These sites need not be and should not be competitors for existing political sites, rather they would be general topic sites that would target specific demographics, with relevant content for their group, whether it's video gamers or people looking for reality show coverage, while also embedding a certain political worldview.

Rather than trying to compete with a single major outlet or with a hundred conservative political outlets all targeted at the same base, the goal would be to expand that base and influence opinions across a wider range. It would be easiest to start with those groups that are already leaning our way, for example young white men and women, and expand an existing lean into a consensus. Similar efforts should be made with Chinese-Americans and Indian-Americans, two groups that came out big for Democrats and whose population share is growing, but whose interests lie with us.

All this is feasible. It's just a matter of shifting from frustrated attacks against mainstream media to becoming the mainstream media. The licenses and print distribution networks that make the media so powerful and that account for much of its sunk cost are becoming less relevant in the age of the mobile internet readership. All that's left are brands supported by an integrated content distribution consensus. And brands are based on content and can be challenged with content. The content exists, so does the talent, all that is needed is to package and channel it into our own media.

Secretary of State Kerry Shows He Doesn’t Have a Clue About How Foreign Policy Works

Barry Rubin
During his confirmation hearings, Secretary of State-designate John Kerry was only given a tough time by one questioner, Senator Rand Paul. The exchange between them is really interesting not just because of the specific topic but also because of what it shows about basic foreign policy philosophy, and ignorance, on Kerry’s part.
It is a genuine problem. The leader of a “friendly” (?) nation has been exposed for making antisemitic remarks. The United States wants to continue aid to avoid instability in that country that would contribute to even further radicalization, and to use U.S. leverage to produce the best possible outcome.

Israel Approves Begin’s Bedouin Land Grab

The plan was accepted with mixed feelings among the Bedouin as well as among right wing critics.

Israel’s government on Sunday approved the recommendations of Minister without portfolio Benny Begin to change the program regulating Bedouin settlements in the Negev. The reform is aimed at solving definitively the issue of Bedouin ownership claims on Negev lands, including a compromise proposal of relocation and financial compensation, bringing an end to illegal Bedouin outposts.

Asharq Al-Awsat Interview: The Other Zawahiri Political situation in Egypt contradicts God

Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat—Mohamed al-Zawahri is the brother of Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri and a founding member of the Salafist Jihadist group in Egypt. He was arrested against the backdrop of the assassination of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, spending a total of 14 years in prison. After his release, he left the country, living abroad in numerous countries across the Arab world including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates. He was convicted and sentenced to death in absentia in 1998 in the “Returnees from Albania” case. Zawahiri returned to Egypt following the ouster of the Hosni Mubarak regime on 11 February 2011. He was arrested on his return, but acquitted of all charges against him by military tribunal last March. Since his return to Egypt, the other Zawahiri has offered to mediate talks between the Egyptian military and Sinai-based jihadist organization, as well as between the Islamists and the United States, claiming that if anybody can talk his brother—Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri—out of violence, it’s him.

Increased Tension at Northern Israeli Border


The IDF senior echelon holds discussions over possibility that Israel will be forced to act to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons from Syria to Hezbollah

Tensions are increasing along the Israeli northern border, against the backdrop of growing concerns that Syria will soon transfer chemical weapons into the hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the possibility that Israel will attempt to prevent such a transfer.

Tehran’s former consul in Oslo, interviewed on Israeli TV, says Islamic regime is ‘willing to destroy many countries’

An Iranian diplomat who defected in Norway in 2010 warned Israel on Friday that if the Iranians got the bomb they would use it against the Jewish state. In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 TV, Mohammad Reza Heydari, the former Iranian consul in Oslo who resigned and obtained political asylum there three years ago, said that ”If Iran is given more time, it will acquire the knowledge necessary to build a nuclear bomb within a year.” Asked whether it would use the bomb against Israel, he said: “If Iran gets to the point where it has an atomic bomb, it will certainly use it, against Israel or any other [enemy] country.”
Heydari — who defected soon after he was asked to identify his son in photos taken during the protests that followed the 2009 vote in which Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected — said the regime in Tehran was aiming to develop two or three bombs. It saw nuclear weapons as “insurance” to guarantee its survival.
Regime leaders “believe that when they acquire a nuclear bomb, [others] will start to behave toward them as they do toward North Korea,” said Heydari. “As a matter of fact, the leading way of thinking in Iran is [devoted to] protecting their own security, and nobody else’s,” he added.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ending Zionism must be among goals of Muslim unity: Ahmadinejad

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the 26th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on January 27, 2013.
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the 26th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on January 27, 2013.
Sun Jan 27, 2013

Under circumstances that the corrupted, uncultured and murderous Zionists are occupying and killing oppressed people, we should not sit idly by.”
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on Muslim nations to pursue “specific aims” to achieve unity, saying putting an end to Zionism should be among the goals of unity.

“Under circumstances that the corrupt, uncultured and murderous Zionists are occupying and killing oppressed people, we should not sit idly by,” President Ahmadinejad said in an address to the 26th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on Sunday.

He added that Muslims should unite against the evil and bullying powers and noted that monotheism, justice and love for humans are among other objectives of unity among Muslim nations.

Mystery Surrounds Fordow Blast

Jerusalem, Jan 27. – Media reports Sunday suggest a damaging explosion at Iran’s top-secret Fordow nuclear development site took place last week, leaving as many as 190 workers dead.
Following the blast, the main road from Qom to Tehran was closed for several hours, the German newspaper Die Welt reported. If the reports are to be believed, the explosion was perhaps the most serious blow against the Iranian nuclear program to date. 
However, Fordow is only one of several key Iranian nuclear sites that contribute greatly to the widely-suspected weaponization of the Iranian nuclear program. Critical damage to the Fordow facility would slow down, but not end the Iranian nuclear program. 

How Much Money, All Over The West, Is Spent Because Of Muslims In Our Midst?

 Hugh Fitzgerald
The large-scale presence of Muslims in the countries of western Europe has created a situation for both the native non-Msulims, and for non-Muslim immigrants, that is much more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale Muslim presence."

The expense comes from added security, to guard synagogues, Hindu and Sikh temples, churches, and schools and camps and other institutions related to them. It comes from the need for additional security at all airports, all train stations, all Tube stations, on all busses. It comes from the need to provide security at hospitals, especially for medical personnel who may be bullied or attacked by disgruntled Muslim family members who may not approve of Western medical practices (as a male doctor examining a female Muslim patient). The expense comes from the need to pay the police, lawyers, judges who have to handle so many more criminal cases that involve Muslims, who all over Western Europe have rates of criminality 5 to 10 times as high as non-Muslims.

Dutch comedian faces off against three Muslim female talk show hosts insulted by his ‘Islamophobic’ remarks

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Western Leftists Back Islamists; Arab Counterparts Are Their Victims

OH! pleasant exercise of hope and joy!
For mighty were the auxiliars which then stood

Upon our side, we who were strong in love!
Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
But to be young was very heaven!--Oh! times,
In which the meager, stale, forbidding ways
Of custom, law, and statute, took at once
The attraction of a country in romance!
--William Wordsworth, Poem on the French Revolution, 1789

By Barry Rubin
A decent but very leftist British Middle East expert once described for me his experience in Iran in 1979. As a leftist, he had discounted any idea that Islamists might take over the country before the revolution, dismissing them as insignificant. But then he supported the revolution against the “reactionary, pro-Western” shah.

He had many friends among Iranian leftists. Quickly, he went to Tehran and scheduled meetings at the leftist newspaper established after the revolution. The newspaper was named with the Persian word for dawn, recalling—intentionally or not I have no idea—the words of another revolutionary romantic quoted above.