Saturday, January 26, 2013

Geitner’s legacy includes funding Arab Spring

That led to the Muslim Brotherhood and sharia law and more jihad. via 75 Facts About the 75th Secretary of the Treasury.
59. During Secretary Geithner’s tenure, Treasury chaired the Deauville Partnership for Arab Countries in Transition, establishing a multi-donor fund of up to $250 million fund, expanding European Bank for Reconstruction and Development operations to the region, and initiating other measures to strengthen institutions and markets in support of the Arab Spring.
As a contributor at finance blog Zero Hedge pointed out:
I’m thinking Tim’s bank, The Federal Financing Bank, was making loans for weapons? Anyway, it’s hard to look at N. Africa and the rest of the ME and call it a success.
ffb#1There are 74 more supposed “accomplishments” listed. It’s not The Onion but it should be.

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