Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Hillary Soros team joins the attack on Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

Campus Progress, which is the baby farm of the Center for American Progress, an operation created by George Soros and Hillary Clinton and run by Bill Clinton's former chief of staff John Podesta, has put up a "kit" for attacking Islamo Fascism Awareness WeekIn doing so these so-called progressives have joined an array of leftwing organizations that include the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots -- the Muslim Students Association, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

The agenda of this alliance led by the supporters of the jihad is to shut down discussion of the terrorist threat posed by the jihad and radical Islam by conducting a nationwide witch-hunt of alleged "bigots." The heart of this campaign is an attempt to conflate an attack on Islamo-fascists with an attack on Islam. This is like saying an attack on "German fascism" is an attack on all Germans and therefore bigoted, or the term "white racism" cannot be used because it is an attack on all whites and therefore racist. The campaign of this leftwing coalition is a mobile lynch party whose weapons are character assassination and very big lies.

For example I am described as a "racist" in their literature -- which is the standard label applied to anyone who disagrees with the left. It is claimed that I have said that slavery was good for blacks during my campaign against a proposal to have people who were not slaveowners pay reparations to people who were not slaves, and to do so 137 years after slavery was abolished. No quotations by me to support such nonsense are supplied of course, since I have never supported slavery for anyone. What I said in my article about reparations can be read here.

It is also claimed that I have said that blacks alive today and blacks who were not slaves benefited from slavery. Another big lie. What I actually wrote was that proponents of reparations claimed that all American wealth is based on slavery, a fact which in their eyes justified reparations. I said, if this were true -- and it is probably not -- then by the reparations proponents' own logic all free blacks and blacks alive today who share in America's wealth would have benefited from slavery. This is obviously the opposite what of these malicious detractors claim I said. You will look in vain for a statement from me that said slavery increased America's economic wealth let alone that is responsible for it. That is an argument that only leftists make.

These are part of the tissue of lies concocted by Campus Progress and other groups who think that George Bush is responsible for the war on terror and the terrorists are just desperate oppressed people who want to be free. The little lies all add up to one big lie -- which is that Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is an attack on Muslims. It is not. It is a defense of those Muslims who are being murdered by the Islamo-fascists. It is a defense of freedom, something Campus Progress and the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Muslim Students Association appear to be incapable of comprehending.

Meanwhile I was invited to conduct an online chat with respondents all over the world by the Muslim website IslamOnline, which is based in Cairo. IslamOnline proved to be gracious hosts and you can read what I actually believe about Muslims here.

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